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15 Bad Hotel Design And Service Fails People Spotted On Their Trips

Hotels or guesthouses will certainly be your choice when you go travel somewhere, right? You may see numerous attractive services in the hotel’s brochures. They advertise that their hotel has a fancy swimming pool, but forget to tell you that it has been filled with dirt. Or they tell you that you can see a beautiful beach from your room’s window, and you end up finding out that it’s a view of the wall.

Below is the list of funny hotel design and service fails people spotted during their trips and shared online. Even the finest hotels look different from what they say in their advertisements. Have you ever been in these situations? Let’s scroll down to laugh at these bad failures.

#1. “Having The Bathroom In The Middle Of The Hotel Room”


#2. “This Hotel Room In San Francisco”


#3. “The Swimming Pool At The Motel 6 That I Stayed At Last Night”


#4. “The Door To My Hotel Balcony Is In The Shower Stall”


#5. “A Motel Served Me This Breakfast Tray For $15 And Contains A Toaster, And A 2l Milk”


#6. “This Hotel Doesn’t Allow You To Use Books For Their Intended Purpose”


#7. “This Toilet Paper Holder”


#8. “My Buddy Traveled Across The Country To Visit Me Last Weekend. Unfortunately, He Got Stuck In His Hotel Shower For 3 Hours. Shout-Out To Julio For Helping Out A Man In Need”


#9. “Was Told My Hotel Room Had A Courtyard View. Was Not Disappointed. 10/10 Would View Again”


10. “Taking A Shower In A Hotel In China”


11. “Just Wanted A Nice, Hot Shower At The Hotel I Was Staying At”


#12. “Welcome To The Hotel California!”


#13. “My Mom Is At A Hotel And Found This Note In Her Robe”


#14. “The Sink In My Hotel Room (Helsinki)”


#15. “This Hotel Forgot To Insert A Quote Into The Wall Decorations Text Sample”


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