26 Working Fails You Shouldn't Try At Work

Do you know the r/OSHA subreddit? This online group is dedicated to sharing safety violations from all countries. In previous articles, we've already shared with you working fails that give OSHA (the Occupational Safety and Health Administration) a heart attack. You can find them here and here. While OSHA guidelines try to ensure safe and healthful working conditions for workers, some workers fail to obey them, putting themselves in dangerous situations.
After a few minutes of diving into that group, we collected the 26 top working fails from that group. Scroll down to check them out for yourself and vote for your favs. Also, make sure that you won't try these things at work because they are really dangerous.

#1. Oh good, at least he has a safety line

Source: unknown / reddit

#2. Cutting steel in school. On a chair

Source: KureKureciCZ

#3. Too hot for safety

Source: bp1108

#4. If he falls being held by his waistband will surely secure him

Source: CaptainHadley

#5. An old pic of my brother and me working our first summer job

Source: Dork_Of_Ages

#6. Would could go wrong?

Source: NoClueNewB

#7. This sight I stumbled on the way back to work today

Source: Mystero2k1

#8. There's no way this could end horribly

Source: lightmanmac

#9. What better safety than being in his arms?

Source: hadapurpura

#10. At least he is tied off

Source: Exbldr

#11. No safety? No problem!

Source: jens9185

#12. So they're cleaning up a friend's workplace

Source: wasteland_bastard

#13. You already know he was scooting along too, while on the bucket. Also, job site was exposed to coronavirus and still open

Source: lpplph

#14. Standing on a ladder that is held by a ladder that placed in a gutter and is held by a guy who is standing on a ladder

Source: camillo_golgi

#15. I think I'll just tie off right here

Source: HerbShaw

#16. Just wondering what some of you fine folks would think about this

Source: FleurDeezNutz

#17. What could go wrong

Working FailsSource: matttejs

#18. No way this could go wrong

Working FailsSource: StrictLime

#19. Nothing wrong here

Working FailsSource: cnfusedpooh

#20. There is so much wrong with this picture I don’t know where to start

Working FailsSource: fumoderators

#21. So many things wrong in one picture

Working FailsSource: Blackaguru

#22. I'm pretty sure this is a safety violation

Working FailsSource: AmmianusMarcellinus

#23. They will learn many purposes for a cane this day

Working FailsSource: rhobit

#24. Level 99 ladder skill

Working FailsSource: jacksonsheehan

#25. Next level ladder technique

Working FailsSource: Adlehyde

#26. "I've done it a million times. This is totally safe." - My coworker

Working FailsSource: robabl

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