26 Times People Spotted Laugh-Inducing Signs In Public And Had To Share With Others

If you are feeling down and need a dose of vitamin 'smile', just look around and maybe you spot a funny sign that cracks you up. There are a lot of funny signs waiting to brighten your day. They are all around you, in the streets, at restaurants, in public spaces, and at children's playgrounds. Many people stumbled upon laugh-inducing signs and decided to share them with others online.
The Facebook group 'Useless, Unsuccessful, and/or Unpopular Signage,' or 'UUU Signage' for short is one of the online communities dedicated to laugh-inducing signs. We have collected some of the funniest signs for you. Scroll down and take a look. If you have spotted any funny signs, feel free to share with us.

#1. There goes my social circle

Source: John M Young

#2. Orlando Airport

Source: Laurrie R Bauer-Novotny

#3. My friend's family in high school had this posted in their bathroom

Source: Zoe Alanis

#4. We won’t be going back. Some things aren’t worth getting used to

Source: Hillary Monroe

#5. Oops

Source: Andrew Flannery

#6. Useless but very popular with me. I love Steve

Source: Katelyn Reed Valentine

#7. Taken at our local Mexican restaurant. I love it

Source: Jennifer Rhinehimer

#8. It's a very useful sign

Source: Yu-Hsing Chen

#9. Cute dog

Source: Mike Minnillo

#10. The lost and found in my office

Source: Jennifer Nelson

#11. Trespasser

Source: Michael Switek

#12. At my dentist's office. Can’t have these toothbrushes commingling it’s an abomination

Source: Tory Matsumura

#13. I waved my hands in front of this “Touchless Faucet” for longer than I’d care to admit. Good thing nobody else was around to witness my folly

Source: Andrew Scott

#14. Neither useless nor unsuccessful, but actually very effective

Source: Cheryl L. Aoudou

#15. Sounds vaguely threatening but also alluring. Advertising masterclass

Laugh-Inducing SignsSource: Dom Sidoti

#16. Apparently, the tiny poem wasn’t enough

Laugh-Inducing SignsSource: Shawnah Zelmer

#17. The hostel I’m staying at is very good at translation…

Laugh-Inducing SignsSource: Ash Solomon Mills

#18. Trying to leave a local high school…

Laugh-Inducing SignsSource: Michael L. Keener

#19. Yes, it’s at a church

Laugh-Inducing SignsSource: Rob Clair

#20. Unsuccessful because I didn’t go with the funny clown

Laugh-Inducing SignsSource: Leah Love

#21. Visited New York this weekend. If only there was an easier way to share that you can never park here

Laugh-Inducing SignsSource: Ariana Tyler

#22. Visited a beautiful historical garden in western Poland and the chairs at the Orangerie had a truly deep and moving message

Laugh-Inducing SignsSource: Lucía Morán

#23. Aw darn!

Laugh-Inducing SignsSource: Ron Woolley

#24. Ahhhhh

Source: Stepherknee Horn

#25. Well, that’s a new name for beverages...

Source: Kellie Beckwith Smart

#26. Hmmm, is it though?

Laugh-Inducing SignsSource: Jessica Johnston

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