26 Savage Comments That Left Second-Degree Burns

Let's be honest, we have all been in a situation where someone says something to us and we just don't know how to respond. But then there are those rare moments when someone delivers a comeback so savage that it leaves us speechless and wishing we had a burn cream handy! From quick-witted one-liners to well-timed zingers, these savage comments have become the stuff of legend. Whether it's a coworker, friend, or even a complete stranger, the satisfaction of delivering a clever comeback is truly unparalleled.
Of course, being on the receiving end of one of these verbal assaults is never fun, but let's face it - we've all secretly enjoyed watching someone get owned by a clever comeback. It's just too satisfying to watch someone get put in their place after trying to talk smack. So, the next time you find yourself in a verbal sparring match, remember to bring your A-game - because you never know when a well-timed comeback might just leave your opponent reaching for the burn cream!

#1. Was she?

Source: Unknown/Tumblr

#2. By "Boo" I think he means that ghost.

Source: Dumpaday

#3. Where?

Source: Unknown/Reddit

#4. For context: Twitch streamer said the n-word and used the defense that she’s “part black” so it’s okay.

Source: sleepy_franky

#5. Ended her!

Source: Ebaums world

#6. Oh...

Source: Goose_master6363

#7. Rest In Peace Lynori.

Source: AdAstra3830

#8. MoonPie said "Not today"

Source: Insider

#9. Read a book today, y'all!

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#10. Ended her with ease.

Source: Unknown/Reddit

#11. Ahh-wooooooo

Source: Unknown/Tumblr

#12. Also, it looks like Elon Musk’s baby naming party.

Source: Hydrofyn

#13. Only after you sign an NDA...

Source: Undead-Psycho

#14. Well, a bullet is much cheaper than an ambulance ride.

Source: Independent_Gas_9295

#15. Bon appétit!

Source: Unknown/Tumblr

#16. Finish him!

Source: Ebaums world

#17. Have some self-respect!

Source: Unknown/Pinterest

#18. LOL.

Source: For a twink he is awfully sure of himself on Tumblr

#19. When the monster is on your bed, do you have to go under it?

Source: Unknown/Reddit

#20. Feel the burn…

Source: pabs1988

#21. A seven nation army couldn’t hold her back.

Source: Robertlaz23

#22. No one is judge jury and executioner.

Source: the-co1ossus

#23. Stop she's already dead

Source: FartherLog

#24. "you pinecone"

Source: JimPickens1492

#25. Jesus got a little tipsy this evening:

Source: squarelyshuck52

#26. Who parted her hair, Moses?

Source: Unknown/Pinterest

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