26 Pics We Couldn't Explain Even If We Tried

Hold on to your hats, folks! We have got a collection of 26 pics we couldn't explain even if we tried. These images are so puzzling that they will make you question your own eyes. From a family praying while holding a dog's paws to a little girl carrying a cactus with bare hands, these pictures are nothing short of mind-boggling. What on earth is going on in these photos? Is that man really doing the splits in a military suit or is it just some Photoshop magic? And why are those kids drinking beer? We can only hope that it's just a staged photo and not a real-life scenario.
But, sometimes it's best not to understand everything and just let the absurdity of these images wash over you. Whether it's a cat riding a Roomba or a person wearing a unicorn head, these pictures will leave you in stitches. So, buckle up and get ready for a wild ride. Who needs logic and reason when you are about to see pics we couldn't explain?

#1. The dog LMAO.

Source: uno-dos-echo

#2. "Is he broken ?" "Should we move him ?"

Source: thisusernameisforme

#3. Cute.

Source: ebaumsworld

#4. Always live your life on the edge.

Source: ebaumsworld

#5. Hmm...

Source: ebaumsworld

#6. Yeah, why though?

Source: ebaumsworld

#7. Somehow I'm not convinced...

Source: OldIronSides

#8. Baby's got Mac.

Source: unknown/tumblr

#9. Dads:

Source: unknown/imgur

#10. Gettin' sh*t done.

Source: Ramp8nt

#11. A job to die for.

Source: ComplexPirate

#12. Carrying a cactus with bare hands.

Source: tomato_n_egg

#13. This is making my tootsies tingle...

Source: unknown/pinterest

#14. He got tired of that one broken wheel.

Source: panthera

#15. My man must be high as a kite.

Source: unknown/imgur

#16. Does she just walk around with that thing?!

Source: unknown/imgur

#17. ATM security, level:

Source: 9gag

#18. "Dallas just too hot, I couldn't..."

Source: unknown/twitter

#19. Relationship goals.

Source: unknown/pinterest

#20. #Homie_4eva.

Source: unknown/imgur

#21. "How did you hear about the position?"

Source: unknown/imgur

#22. Only in the UK:

Source: unknown/imgur

#23. WTF is going on in here?

Source: kotaku

#24. He's so hungry he's going to eat the table.

Source: TikTok

#25. Ready for work on Monday.

Source: thumbsdrivesmecrazy

#26. What is she doing?

Source: telegraf

#27. Classy...

Source: telegraf

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