26 People Who Just REALLY Don't Understand Haircuts

Haircuts are like a box of chocolates, you never know what you're gonna get. Some people have the skill to explain exactly what they want, while others might as well just point to a picture of a poodle and say, "Make me look like this." And then there are those who seem to have a personal beef against their own hair. They march into the salon with the confidence of a lion, but come out looking like they've been attacked by a lawnmower. It's like they see the hairstylist as a magician, who can turn a pile of straw into a head full of gold. Unfortunately, not everyone can pull off the "surprise me" approach. It's a bit like playing Russian roulette with your hair. You might walk out looking like a supermodel, or you might be mistaken for a member of a boy band from the 90s.
But hey, at least it makes for some good laughs. There's nothing like bonding with your friends over a bottle of wine and a slideshow of the worst haircuts of all time. And if you're really brave, you might even try to fix the disaster yourself with some kitchen scissors and a prayer. Just don't blame us when you end up looking like Edward Scissorhands' less-talented cousin.

#1. The face of regret.

Source: solocapellicortissimi

#2. Ugly but also cool.

Source: bella

#3. "Who stole my dryer hose?"

Source: tacky raccoons

#4. What’s she hiding under her hair? A spaceship?

Source: do you remember


Source: motika

#6. Rapunzel's cousin, is that you?

Source: unknown/imgur

#7. "I hate sideburns.” “Say no more.”

Source: rghitz

#8. "Gimme that straw basket look."

Source: dre10g

#9. When you hit random on a character creation screen in a game a few times:

Source: Imacarte

#10. And to balance all that on those little heels?

Source: Vintage Everyday

#11. “You know how your pencil eraser looks after you finish the SAT?”

Source: _qt314bot

#12. Hair trigger.

Source: Zekeroonie

#13. So this exists...

Source: Ebaum

#14. Has he been run over by a lawn mower?

Source: onedio

#15. How do I let everyone know I have dreads?

Source: nonametogive

#16. The mullet, updated.

Source: hmmnonon

#17. Tragic haircut...

Source: dadakan

#18. Looks like something from a Key and Peele sketch.

Source: iminnola

#19. How did people actually decide that it was ok to leave the house with hair like this?

Source: unknown/imgur

#20. Tragic...

Source: acid cow


Source: alamy

#22. My man...

Source: donanim haber

#23. Is there a dead octopus on his head?


#24. Why...???

Source: alamy

#25. Are you a thumb?

Source: hepdaddio

#26. Can you see, ma'am?

Source: unknown

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