26 Dark Humor Photos For Those Who Need a Twisted Laugh

Life can be tough and sometimes and a cheesy joke just doesn't cut it. That is when some folks turn to dark humor to make light of serious or taboo topics like death, disease, and depression. However, it's important to keep in mind that dark humor jokes are not everyone’s cup of tea. While some find them funny but some find them outrageously offensive, gross, twisted, or distasteful. For the unversed, dark humor is a style of comedy that makes fun of subjects that are normally considered serious or painful to discuss. It is also known as a black comedy.
But, if you still have a knack for dark jokes, here are some of the best dark humor jokes (no limits) to make you laugh really hard. We hope you would enjoy these dark jokes as much as we did. Enjoy.

#1. Hmm...

Source: chrisistking

#2. There is no longer a hostage situation.

Source: seven_critical_blows

#3. Food fight.

Source: RedBlackHat20088

#4. Normal day in Russia

Source: thenukeofduke

#5. "maybe she'll like it"

Source: SaxManJake

#6. Hmm...

Source: knowyourmeme

#7. Darker than midnight.

Source: 9gag

#8. So wouldn’t all humour be dark humour to him?

Source: me-chouhan

#9. Never.

Source: ayannawardell

#10. Hi there...

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#11. Supposedly people stay conscious for about 15 seconds after being decapitated. You'd be able to know how many pins you knocked over!

Source: Unknown/Reddit

#12. Does that say CRABS ADJUST HUMIDITY?

Source: technetiumdinosaur

#13. aaarrrgh

Source: Foxprowl

#14. This joke is so dark World Vision filmed it walking 12km to clean water.

Source: MelkorHimself

#15. I like dark humor, but holy f...

Source: ClearlyConfucius

#16. Fun!

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#17. Everywhere!

Source: Unknown

#18. They really can't.

Source: 9gag

#19. No cap.

Source: browndaddyDee

#20. "This is so unfair, I hate paying for chocolate milk."

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#21. Can ya?

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#22. See over here.

Source: laAguaCh0Ch4

#23. Remeber that!

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#24. "Got him, over!"

Source: bing

#25. You're going to hell with 72 virgins for laughing about this.

Source: kirihanasu

#26. Too soon, too fast, too furious.

Source: 9GAGGER

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