26 Carefree People Who Even Buddhist Monks Would Envy

Life is full of ups and downs. Every day, we have to deal with a variety of difficulties. And sometimes, when we are worn out and drained, we really need a little bit of time to rest. However, the fact that we have so many things to worry about, from the rental fee to the education fee for our children, makes it extremely difficult for us to unwind. Some people find a different way—becoming a monk—to free themselves from the hustle and bustle of life. But these carefree people in the list below are even calmer than Buddhist monks as they can find peace in the midst of chaos.

We have compiled a list of 26 pictures of carefree people who even Buddhist monks would envy. Some photos are so hilarious that they will make you laugh out loud. Scroll down to check them out for yourself. We are sure that you are also jealous of these folks' equanimity. If this list is not enough to crack you up, check out 24 funny Pictures Of People Doing Exactly What They Were Asked To Do.

#1. One of my blinds broke in my bedroom so I just went to CVS

Source: andrewnolan2

#2. 6 cans on my friends head

Source: chipperlew

#3. Yo they growing beans in my sink


#4. People of Wallmart

Source: mariothe81

#5. If I had that much Capri Sun, I'd be chilling too

Source: Bprior6

#6. Whatever works

Source: ktbonz

#7. The hurricane has passed. It's time to eat


#8. At least it didn’t get on her shirt


#9. Dad didn't tell us how to live. He showed us

Source: Cradnee

#10. Turn back to me playing a gig in 2007, didn't have a microphone stand so had to ask my band mates brother to hold the mic for the whole set

Source: Oliver_New

#11. Saw this guy in class today, and yes that is cheese

Source: Joans1

#12. "I just need some water...cold water!"


#13. Yoga retreat...

Source: yum_blue_waffles

#14. I thought this lady was reading a spray bottle's label for a really long time on my bus this morning... Then I realized

Source: w47thbroadway

#15. Just be me

Source: McDonaldsBreakfast

#16. Chilling in the subway

Source: Kajsalu

#17. Just out for an afternoon drive

Carefree PeopleSource: ShoNuf14

#18. Let me be who I am

Carefree PeopleSource:

#19. How to enjoy a good day

Carefree PeopleSource:

#20. "I am human"

Carefree PeopleSource:

#21. OMG

Carefree PeopleSource:

#22. This helmet

Carefree PeopleSource:

#23. Some spectators don't want to be just spectators, but like to run alongside cyclists

Carefree PeopleSource:

#24. Just enjoy the rain

Carefree PeopleSource:

#25. A true fisherman enjoys the process, not the catch

Carefree PeopleSource: ElvaFishfly

#26. It's -22 outside, but he just likes to drive like that

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