26 Acts Of Stupidity That You Won't Believe People Actually Got Away With

We have all had those days where we can't seem to do anything right. You know, like the day when we find ourselves dropping everything we touch and tripping over our own two feet? It can be hard, but it’s just one of those things that, as humans, we have to deal with. However, while most of our mistakes are the result of brain farts or bad luck, there are folks out there who are actually caught doing things on purpose. And their acts of stupidity completely defy common sense and are absolutely hilarious. Keep scrolling as we show you those times that are so absurd, you can’t help but laugh out loud.
We hope this funny collection reassures you that nobody's perfect and allows you to look at your failures with a little less embarrassment. Or, at the very least, it provides you with an opportunity to distract yourself, laugh a little, and forget about it! Now let’s get started.

#1. Playing with tiger, it'll be fun they said...

Acts Of StupiditySource: acidcow

#2. Well, it's better than sitting on it the other way...

Source: onikishov

#3. Just keep pushing. It will fit.

Source: NeeNee9

#4. Look who’s feeling like Spider-Man!

Source: imgur

#5. Who needs a seatbelt when you have a ladder, anyway

Source: imgur

#6. Eh, just a quick dip.

Source: pinterest

#7. Sir...

Source: Elitetimeline7

#8. Hold still, boys...

Source: acidcow

#9. Adult swim:

Source: pinterest

#10. Ruining two appliances for the price of one, good job!

Source: Uedn

#11. They're lit!

Source: JohnStamossi

#12. Must wash off the rain.

Source: reddit

#13. Domino's effect in 3...2...

Source: acidcow

#14. Hmm...

Source: klyker


Source: memolition

#16. Teamwork makes drea- oh, never mind...

Source: memolition

#17. I have so many questions...

Acts Of StupiditySource: acidcow

#18. Well...

Acts Of StupiditySource: skkaregay

#19. Neither do we...

Acts Of StupiditySource: richie_rich77

#20. How?!

Acts Of StupiditySource: foamtherunway

#21. *facepalm*

Acts Of StupiditySource: rosshowalter

#22. You can never be too sure, I guess.

Acts Of StupiditySource: MarciRobin

#23. Who's gonna tell her?

Source: TruStory

#24. The Satanic Panic is back in full swing everyone!

Source: ZookeepergameWaste94


Acts Of StupiditySource: AvailableCandidate61

#26. And people ask why there are so many accidents happening on the roads...

Acts Of StupiditySource: lesstaller

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