30 Powerful Cat Pics That Show Us The Magic Of Animal Rescue

A lot of cats were on the verge of death before being rescued. It is upsetting when we see or hear about an animal in distress, but let’s face it, not many of us can actually reach out to help. However, thanks to the hard and wondrous work of animal rescue organizations and kind-hearted people, many rescued cats were given a chance to have the life they deserve.
Scroll down for some pictures of these cat’s amazing changes after being rescued, and remember: ADOPT, DON’T SHOP.

#1 Little Justin survived fire.

#2 Last one standing: She was found out be the only survived member in a box of kittens. Now she is growing up to be a fine feline.

#3 Electrocuted Bunny is now recovered.

#4 Mr. Biscuit was burned when he tried to get warm in a car engine. Look at him now.

#5 Half dead kitty survived.

#6 Louie used to be a 2-week-old abandoned in the gutter.

#7 No trace of past neglect.

#8 Found with a maggot-infested wound, but 6 years later, she is looking better than ever.

#9 No more cold rain and harsh sun on you, dear.

#10 Fully recovered.

#11 Loved back to health.

#12 He looks so happy now.

#13 Tyrion had an eye infection, but now he enjoys a life filled with love.

#14 Kind guy saved Spyder from the drain and gave her a new home.

#15 Poor Duncan was found injured.

#16 Shine bright like a Diamond.

#17 From rags to riches… kinda.

#18 *Wink*

#19 Elanor was severely wounded and left in the dumpster, but none of that matters now.

#20 Incredible recovery.

#21 Begged for food, and found a home.

#22 Great changes after a week.

#23 12 weeks after Oliver was rescued from abusive owners.

#24 Peter’s looking good.

#25 No longer in pain.

#26 Belly exposed.

#27 Lucky Lionel.

#28 Ive was saved by the Maullidos De Esperanza Foundation.

#29 Another before and after.

#30 Kayle used to be homeless, now she’s got a loving family.

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H/T: Purrworld
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