10+ Lucky Spoiled Cats Whose Fantastic Life Could Make You A Bit Green-Eyed

Cat pawrents, do you often spoil your cats? Yes? A lot? Well, you are absolutely not alone! Cats make our lives a lot more interesting and heartwarming, so why don't make their lives a little bit more pleasurable? There are plenty of simple yet meaningful things we can do at home to make our cats the happiest kitties in this world, and when they are happy, of course we are happy as well!
Here are some remarkable ideas people have come up with to pamper their fur babies, and they are all super cool! In fact, these lucky cats are living such a fascinating life that could even make us humans green with envy. If you are looking for a few nice suggestions of ways to spoil your cats, just scroll down and check them out:

#1. "Now you need to rub the soap in hooman.''

Credit: jaymae77

#2. Cat on a couch on a couch...

Credit: Higlac

#3. I need to get a cat boat. And a cat. And a hot tub.

Credit: gracejulia38

#4. The cat blends in!

Credit: KoraWhore

#5. Cat room now just needs a mouse room for the ultimate recursion

Credit: Bry_in_the_sky

#6. I want one of those my size...


#7. I won’t fit, but I could look at that view all day.

Credit: AlwaysLocal

#8. Or in this case, a regular size heat pad would be purrfect.

Credit: julcarls

#9. What a great thing to do for your little friends.

Credit: westerner71

#10. Lucky babe!

Credit: Liz Buckley

#11. Funny the cat doesn't ruin his own leather couch.

Credit: charliethekitty

#12. So that's what a catwalk is!

Credit: soup_sammich_

#13. The true king of Whiskeros.


#14. Definitely.

Credit: scarletterotica86

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H/T: Bored Panda
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