20+ Dogs Who Look Super Cool With A Wig On Their Heads

Humans invented fashion but it doesn't mean we are the only ones who could enjoy fashion. Even though our furry pets are born with a thick coat that can always keep them warm, some additional pieces of clothing won't hurt, especially when they look super cute and trendy. Of course, wigs are also a simple yet fantastic choice if you want to help your dear four-legged friends step up their fashionista game because it's no secret that a nice hairstyle can change our whole appearance, and dogs and cats are no exception.
Here are 23 impressive pictures of adorable Instagram dogs who look absolutely stunning with a wig on their head that we have collected for you, just scroll down and take a look!

#1. "Dyed my hair purple to annoy mummy..."

Credit: kimchi.the.pug

#2. Love the look!

Credit: okirakuoki

#3. "Decided to go blonde because, you know, they have more fun. May have left the home dye kit on too long..."

Credit: daphnethewondersossige

#4. "Welcome to my page of things that will make you go huh?!"

Credit: tfisthisjustwhat

#5. "Eloise, new haircut!"

Credit: msnyajira

#6. "If I have only one life... let me live it as a blonde."

Credit: 4puppykitty

#7. "Going blonde is like buying yourself a light bulb!"

Credit: prudentaggression

#8. Some things just make you look twice... Why would you?!

Credit: lola.and.alice

#9. "Anyone else's shedding sooooo much right now?"

Credit: leoandziva

#10. "Toupee or not toupee? Hair is the question..."

Credit: ladymaggiethecorgi

#11. Good hair day or bad hair day?

Credit: chimetantrums

#12. Sunday funday!

Credit: cute_cuddly_and_wonderful_dogs

#13. Lilly upgrading her hairstyle.

Credit: lilly_thetravelingsheltie

#14. Smile.

Credit: kira_contrary

#15. Bad wiggie vibes!

Credit: leilathegoldengirl

#16. Luna the Greyhound came in for an oral health assessment and dental clean today.

Credit: flemingtonvet

#17. "If you wear cowboy clothes, are you ranch dressing?"

Credit: busterspartyshop

 #18. He’s got the look. And a lot of patience.

Credit: ciccio_ilcane

#19. "Can't say I'm happy tho."

Credit: rebecca_luedecker

#20. "I don’t know about you puppers but my hair has gone wild during lockdown!"

Credit: sybilthedobe

#21. Rewatching Bad Girls Club and this gal wanted to tie her hair back in a ponytail because she was feeling feisty!

Credit: the_real_mexican_vanilla

#22. "Do I look good?"

Credit: jeremyrayis

#23. Trutru's new look!

Credit: just_trutru

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