10+ Funny Memes That Prove How Weirdly Introverted Taurus Often Be

Taurus may be the most loyal and trustworthy friends we could ever ask for in this world, but befriending them is seriously not easy. The reason? Well, most of them are super introverted! Just like people born under other Earth Signs, Taurus are not really social and always need time on their own. Whenever they have a day off, these reserved people prefer a quiet day alone with their favorite book and some relaxing music at home. Yes, uproarious parties are absolutely the last thing Taurus could think of when they feel like having some fun.
Here are 14 funny memes that any Taurus (and other introverts) could relate when it comes to their social life, just scroll down to see if you can recognize yourself in these humorous pics:

#1. I want to get texts just so I can ignore them.

Image: glossy_zodiac

#2. Just leave me alone!

Image: blackgirlhoroscope

#3. Always. Forever.

Image: taurushumor

#4. So much fun.

Image: taurushumor

#5. Just need a charger real quick.

Image: taurus.sensitivity

#6. Airplane mode it is.

Image: tauruscopez

#7. Which often takes quite long.

Image: glossy_zodiac

#8. Gosh, what have I got myself into?

Image: taurushumor

#9. How about "k"?

Image: bratzdiac

#10. Yeah, why?

Image: tauruscontent

#11. What am I even doing here?

Image: glossy_zodiac

#12. Go find someone else!

Image: the_taurus_world

#13. Me interacting with clients at work.

Image: glossy_zodiac

#14. Home sweet home.

Image: thezodiacstea

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