This Community Shares Hilarious Pics Of Derpy Pets That Will Put You In An Instant Good Mood

There are so many benefits of having a pet by your side, but the most remarkable one must be they make us burst out laughing all day long and it's of course healthy because we all know that a laugh a day keeps the doctors away. And why are we laughing, by the way? Because most of the time they just look so goofy and derpy and their silly acts never cease to surprise, amaze and "tickle" us. Even dogs and cats are always ranked among the most intelligent animals on Earth, for some reason, they just can't stop being weird in our house.
"Aww, they're so stupid" - that's the very first headline that will catch your eyes if you visit r/AnimalsBeingDerps, a Reddit community that shares hilarious pictures of their cats and dogs (and sometimes other animals) being the derpiest critters ever. Before checking it out, take a look at some amusing posts we have collected for you right here below:

#1. Just wanted a photo of my new mug

Credit: scruffycheesecake

#2. The queen of fluffy derps

Credit: pinkybandit89

#3. How can you not love that face!

Credit: mmamabear

#4. "I'm finally at the beach!"

Credit: Toucani

#5. I think my golden retriever may be part derpy vampire

Credit: emilyactual

#6. Riker can't sit still for a nice photo

Credit: Ginger_Ale_Tsunami

#7. Aderpable!

Credit: meowroarhiss

#8. "Who is the good girl? Am I the good girl?"

Credit: fanwuella

#9. Just trying to take a photo with our dogs.

Credit: pm_me_cute_doggoz

#10.'ll get thirsty enough eventually.

Credit: TellahC

#11. Every time I think this dog has hit the limit of her weirdness, she reaches a new peak. She's asleep with her eyes open, too.

Credit: RAbites

#12. Penny doin’ an upside down sploot.

Credit: TheStormborn1

#13. Derpy lil puppy

Credit: Flame_II07

#14. Potato LOVES her fan

Credit: thenarcostate

#15. Derpy mlem

Credit: Cryolite_

#16. My husky going for his ball

Credit: pippilongstokng

#17. When a new toy turns up...

Credit: _artbreaker

 #18. Someone needs to keep an eye on the birds…

Credit: Impossible_Arrow

#19. Just a dog that has never understood the concept of personal space

Credit: meowtaz264

#20. The queen of the household

Credit: ocyane

#21. When the human doesn’t give you the correct flavor of Temptations.

Credit: MiceKat

#22. This Lab shaking it out

Credit: jaymick93

#23. Our puppy Paige not using her tunnel according to the recommended guidelines.

Credit: PJDB-gamefreak666

#24. What a Strange Panda!

Credit: TheHolyHeretic86

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