10+ Pets Whose Vivid Facial Expressions Make Humans Jealous

Our pets are masters of expressing their feelings. Looking at their eyes and facial expressions, you will certainly know what these fluffy friends feel. They are so vivid. And this may make humans around jealous of. Not all of us, especially adults, know how to express what they feel or think of. These adorable pets are different. Their emotions are so real and they the charisma to make us fall in love with, even sassy actions and "petty" crimes.
Here are 28 pets whose emotions are so vivid. Happy, sad, angry, surprised, jealous, or disappointed, these cute animals express them so well. They help to prove why everyone should get a pet. This fluffy guy brings a lot of fun to your family. As they can be really emotional, they may sense our feelings and give us comfort when we need it. This can melt and steal our hearts, right?

1. "He always show me this adorable face and it can melt my heart in just a second".

2. Full of joy when coming to the sea for the first time. Anyone wanna join in?

3. "I completely feel the happiness here. The perfect medicine for tiredness and stress".

4. A cool cat whose eyes can get humans around them hooked in just a second.

5. A quirky but absolutely hilarious picture. Is it ok to use it as his dating profile photo?

6. Roaring!!!!!

7. Who can resist the cuteness of this fluffy animal?

8. "I'm not a companion for my owners. I'm a cool driver!"

9. "They always greet me with these eyes when I come home from work. The vitamin after a long day."

10. "He just showed me this sad face when I told him I was busy for an evening walk."

11. His favorite way to get chill!

12. "He always looks at me with this face when he wants to beg for something. I can't say no".

13. "Adorable cat turns into a grumpy one when I forget to feed her this evening".

14. " You scared the heck out of me!".

15. Get along well with each other. It's the best time of the day.

16. "Stretch out my legs after a nap".

17. Ms. Embarassed!

18. I just can't take my eyes off this cat. He is sassy but it turns out to be incredibly adorable.

19. "Huh? You say what? Wanna me to exchange the sit with you? No way. He is mine. I sit next to my friend!".

20. Always smile when seeing food. Enough to drag you out of negative feelings, right?

21. "I'm tiny and helpless but stay adorable as I always am".

22. "Imitate the gesture of the guy in the picture behind. We look like twins?"

23. "Huh? I did tell you to sit nicely. Don't get me mad, bro!"

24. "Oh, I did see a mouse that's long like this!"

25. A giants with tiny legs but still look cool, right?

26. "I'm jealous. Why do you just cuddle her? It's gonna break my heart."

27. "What creature is this? Approaching it closer to identify what it is."

28. "His eyes when I finish packing the luggage for the business trip. And he wins, my heart."

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