25 WTF Designs That Make People Feel Uncomfortable

Creating a good product is not easy. It requires designers a lot of time, skill, and energy. A good product never happens by chance but it is the result of a whole process. Therefore, it's understandable that mistakes are unavoidable. Even professional designers make mistakes. Even while design fails might make us laugh, they also teach all designers valuable things.
After doing a little bit of diving into the Internet, we have seen a lot of oddities, from the frog purse to the phone case with artificial skin. We have made a complication of 25 WTF designs that made us feel uncomfortable, and they will do the same to you. Scroll down and take a look. Vote for the most infuriating designs. For more design fails, check out 25 Epic Design Fails That Went Down In History.

#1. The handle of this pan is heavier than the pan itself, making it fall over immediately

Source: Hell_Awaitz

#2. We have to decode what the shirt says

Source: Insomnicwriter

#3. Frog purse or coin pouch or maybe you put your weed in there IDK you do you

Source: CatioDaddio

#4. This

Source: Tuploe

#5. Not sure what Walmart was thinking with this one

Source: Exhaustedjules

#6. Hair nails

WTF DesignsSource: creepydesign

#7. hmmm

Source: Myrtha_Thistlethorne

#8. Ass hurting chair

Source: krissy_249

#9. This toilet is as uncomfortable to sit on is it looks

Source: qazwsx457

#10. What recycle bin does this go in?

Source: Neptune_Colt

#11. The downward slope of this hallway

WTF DesignsSource: Toast_91

#12. If only there was a letter in flame that could resemble a flame

Source: dickb0tt

#13. Putting your brown logo on white shoes

Source: tofuwa

#14. These toilet cleaning things make your toilet even messier looking

Source: CyberMonkeytron3000

#15. Table made of a slice of giraff and four slices of female legs in high heels. Artist is Gunther von Hagens

Source: Pulvereis

#16. No drainage on a downhill slope

Source: M_Alex

#17. Looks like the little gamers are hanging themselves (window art of local e-sports cafe)

WTF DesignsSource: alexeatworld

#18. The new footpath and gate at my work

WTF DesignsSource: SolidVI

#19. This shirt for sale looks like it was splashed with coffee

WTF DesignsSource: TheMrMeatball

#20. Someone put up this sign on a corner near me

WTF DesignsSource: tactiphile

#21. Tubers of Terror

WTF DesignsSource: zeethreepeeo

#22. Uh that’s gonna be a no from me!

WTF DesignsSource: This_Chaotic_Life

#23. Another Boris Johnson-looking MF

WTF DesignsSource: thefishgodThallas

#24. These subway "benches" in my hometown

WTF DesignsSource: leotolsto

#25. Creepy Beethoven

WTF DesignsSource: phanteli

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