25 'Very Important Positivity' Posts That Will Infuse Your Lives With Hope And Happiness

Since we were kids, we have been taught that we had to study hard to get good marks, attend a top university, then get a decent-paying job, and we will be happy afterward. However, the truth is happiness is just a mood, not a destination. Therefore, just enjoy every moment as it comes. Happiness is all around us. If you pay much attention enough to everything around you, you will love this life more as there are many wonderful moments in life. Or you can read these 'Very Important Positivity' posts that will boost your spirit.
We have compiled a list of 25 wholesome posts from the Facebook page called 'Very Important Positivity', and they will infuse your lives with hope and happiness. Scroll down and check them out for yourself now. Don't forget to vote for your favorite posts. If you find this list is not enough to 'better' your day, check out more wholesome stories from part one here.

#1. 7 years later and he's still there...

Source: Very important positivity

#2. Stay strong king

Source: Very important positivity

#3. Mind the bat

Source: veryimportantpositivity

#4. They don't are wrong, he is obviously the best tourist attraction in the city

Source: Memes for my cat

#5. So sweet

Source: Ninad Jadhav

#6. That's a hard win

Source: Kayla King

#7. He's your doppelganger for sure.. amazing!

Source: Very important positivity

#8. Really shows the power of positivity!

Source: Very important positivity

#9. I’d give him anything he wanted. He is adorable.

Source: Earth Porn

#10. Supportive parents are so important!

Source: Very important positivity

#11. "My local rescue has a program called Book Buddies where kids read to sheltered cats to soothe them"

Source: Aww

#12. My heart!!

Source: Very important positivity

#13. I swear this is my man...

Source: Very important positivity

#14. Swerve

Source: Very important positivity

#15. Love this growth mindset

Source: Very important positivity

#16. Look at this cute thing

Source: Animal Zoo

#17. This manager

Very Important Positivity PostsSource: Very important positivity

#18. That's a POWER dad move ? sweet tie, too

Very Important Positivity PostsSource: Batdad

#19. Relationship goals

vSource: veryimportantpositivity

#20. This is so beautiful! I hope it continues getting passed down from generation to generation

Very Important Positivity PostsSource: Mum Central

#21. Oh so true. Just perfect

Very Important Positivity PostsSource: Very important positivity

#22. Hilarious

Very Important Positivity PostsSource: Vanessa Gutiérrez

#23. Wholesome mum

Very Important Positivity PostsSource: veryimportantpositivity

#24. “Seeing you smile is worth a few pickles”

Very Important Positivity PostsSource: Upworthy

#25. You are such a hero

Very Important Positivity PostsSource: ~Draco the Death Eating Cupcake~

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