25 Times Wish Proved To Be The Weirdest Webshop On The Internet

Do you know Wish? For those who don't know, Wish is an American online shopping platform that connects shoppers with merchants who sell items from clothes to electronics. With the slogan "Shopping Made Fun", Wish promises that the shopping experience of their customers to be more smart, fun, and rewarding, and indeed it is. In this article, we will prove to you that shopping on Wish is really entertaining.
We have collected some of the weirdest and funniest things that people are selling on Wish. Although you can buy them, you should not. You will understand what we mean right after watching the 25 pictures below. These pictures are from the r/WTFwish subreddit dedicated to the most ridiculous things found on Wish. If you have stumbled upon anything bizarre on Wish, please share a picture of it with other people in that community or just leave it in the comments.

#1. The mall Santa's are looking a bit different this year

Source: HotTradition5931

#2. Good morning

Source: corndog161

#3. For when you want to drink & drive but also don't want to wear a seatbelt

Source: m0mmyneedsabeer

#4. Where are her legs?!

Source: rosegold5300

#5. Flesh

Source: SamuraiSmurfette

#6. How likely is this to be radioactive

Source: Hackerwithalacker

#7. WTF - Pregnant?

Source: RicheyrooNZ

#8. Perfect for fans of DIY *and* nightmares...

Source: EffloresceDeliquesce

#9. I'm taking a break from the internet for a few days, maybe an eternity

Source: brandondsantos

#10. Wwtf pinterest

Source: teorosso

#11. Perfect ways to celebrate the mystery of Moai

Source: EffloresceDeliquesce

#12. What does Skeletor wear on the beach?

Source: EffloresceDeliquesce

#13. I'm not sure about this Ghost Rider remake...

Source: EffloresceDeliquesce

#14. Never buy anything even if it looks legit wtf

Source: Roast_Dinner30

#15. Fun fact: 600 dB at 1ft would be enough to instantly vaporize your body and the planet

Source: Hackerwithalacker

#16. Riiiiight

Source: N05TR4D4MV5

#17. This feels like AI has taken over the T-shirt market

Source: Gaudy_Tripod

#18. Yes

Source: luckyred33

#19. Can't wait to pull up to prom as a these things

Source: HotTradition5931

#20. Why make this?

Source: awsomea21

#21. The coke vacuum

Source: bepisbabey

#22. When you don't have a female model for your product


#23. What??

Source: ilapress

#24. Why??

Source: polsica

#25. Wish's reason for pushing meth pipes so hard: increase market demand for cheap dentures

Source: imaginarytea

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