25 Times People Spotted Cats Having Fun Around The Laundry Room

Do you happen to notice that cats are especially keen on snuggling in the laundry area? From the washing machine to the basket full of clothes, it's quite frequent for humans to spot them there. Perhaps this is the perfect place where they can bury their bodies in soft, smelly clothes and blankets. But even when the clothes don't smell that good, they still love to spend their time hanging around and sniffing the place. Do you pop up with any idea why our animals find this location so attractive?

Anyway, whatever the reason for our cats' odd behavior, we still find them to be too adorable, don't we? Even when we are unable to understand their interests, they remain appealing. And it's no surprise that people from all around the world are fascinated by these cat-and-laundry encounters. In fact, they are repeatedly posting images of their mischievous cats wasting time around the washing machine. If you’re curious, let's scroll down to the end of the article to explore how these funny kittens enjoy their happy moments moving around our clothes.


#1. Favourite hideout.

Source: soggyblues

#2. Just learned about this sub. Now everyone, please, brace yourself!

Source: The Pink Eskimo

#3. So cozy.

Source: AcePaul

#4. He fell asleep inside of the laundry basket.

Source: TuxedoTramp

#5. The forever helpful laundry cat.

Source: PaleSnowBunny

#6. Only the cleanest will do!

Source: Less_Nail5958

#7. My cats have big feelings about laundry :).

Source: fangorria

#8. My laundry day assistant! Edward takes guarding the hamper very seriously.

Source: cautionkelly

#9. Mr President enjoys the nice warm laundry fresh out of the dryer.

Source: Reddit User

#10. Laundry cat.

Source: Hirsuitism

#11. The forever helpful laundry cat.

Source: dietwater84

#12. Came home to her chilling in the laundry I did earlier today.

Source: GracefulGrace263

#13. Looks Like a cozy place.

Source: GG_BrianB

#14. Do you see Elly?

Source: tzl_leah

#15. Laundry cat - Tango checking to see if the timer is up

Source: missniisama

#16. Nothing to see here.

Source: ladyfrank94

#17. The moment I opened the basket he just hopped right in.

Source: Reddit User

#18. She folded herself? Laundry cat?

Source: Fuzzy-Trainer-7170

#19. Lazy Kitty helps with laundry.

Source: ConsequenceWriter098

#20. Willie the laundry cat enjoying his best life.

Source: jamixer

#21. Prepped for ambush.

Source: Azura

#22. Laundry cat that loved scratches

Source: prospectorjones

#23. Laundry Day

Source: prospectorjones

#24. Home laundry day

Source: u/coastal_neon

#25.Nesting in towels

Source: atomiczim

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