25 Ridiculous Things That You Could Only See in Russia

Russia, one of the biggest countries in the world, is full of history and unbelievable landmarks such as Red Square, Lenin, and Lake Baikal—ones that you can only find there. The country is also full of ridiculous things and unique experiences. This is what most of the world thinks about when it thinks about Russia. However, there are many more incredible things you will discover if you come to visit this beautiful country. But for now, just keep reading to check them all out!
When it comes to Russia, things are not as strange or unusual. Because it seems as though every week there’s a new story about bears running amok or babushkas filming their own rap videos. But the weirdness is part of what makes this country so endearing. So keep reading as Emily brings you some of the most offbeat moments that you will probably only see in Russia. Enjoy!

#1. Just a little subway grooming...

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#2. It's cold, you might as well get wet

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#3. It's a costume, I swear!

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#4. The forbidden love triangle:

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#5. Yum!

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#6. Teach 'em young!

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#7. Casual Monday:

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#8. Triple Russian.

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#9. It's water, well, sort of water.

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#10. Cute!

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#11. See, this is why Russian journalists are better. No fake news bullshit. Straight to the source.

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#12. It's all fun and game until...

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#13. Tic-tac boom!

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#14. "Are you coming or what?"

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#15. Just a dash!

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#16. So happy for them.

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#17. Minesweeper.

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#18. Every Russian boy's dream:

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#20. That feeling when your mother is refusing to tell you who is your birth father:

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#21. Homo scan machine:

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#22. Russian first-world agitator:

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#23. Who made this?

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#24. Good ol Kentucky gried bicken.

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#25. The final test to pass kindergarten in Siberia;

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#27. Best friends!

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