25 Pictures That Prove Kids Live In Another Different World With Its Own Rules

Kids are innocent and always curious about everything in life. Therefore, they tend to try and explore something new to them. Take the kid in the list below, for example. When his laptop went out of battery, instead of using chargers like us - adults, he used apples to charge it. We don't know why he could come up with that ideas, but what he did are just so funny. There are many children who were caught red-handed doing weird things like that little boy. And we decided to share those amusing moments with you.
We have collected 25 pictures that prove kids live in another different world with its own rules. If you are a parent, you will feel all of these pictures are relatable. Without further ado, scroll down to check them out and enjoy yourself. Don't forget to vote for your favorite ones. Also, if you have captured any funny photos of your kids doing questionable things, please share them with us in the comment section below.

#1. Best way to watch

Source: sh*t_on_reddit

#2. My sister likes to snack on edamame at school. This is how she packs her salt

Source: colipro

#3. Younger sisters friend tried to open my bottle of wine last night. I just found it like this. Completely ruined

Source: Sexyshark15

#4. Best place to put the Switch to charge?

Source: future_lard

#5. Maybe not the best strategy

Source: SundayRay

#6. Paper clips are hard

Source: iamthevash

#7. The way my brother likes to watch YouTube

Source: Sad_Fly834

#8. How my brother went to sleep last night

Source: majattack

#9. Best guess spelling fail. She meant NINJA

Source: Jess_0615

#10. Apparently, my child thinks an apple will charge his tablet

Source: Cake-Free

#11. She asked me to hide her dolls. She didn't specify where but thinks I hid them in the sandbox. She's dumping out all of her sand. They're hiding in the doll house

Source: BaldieGoose

#12. Help!! My son may be a psychopath. This is him eating a banana

Source: Br0DudeGuy

#13. The ball isn’t even trying its best to hide

Source: IrfanMirza

#14. My son had a friend over last night (we are in Australia we are allowed to) and they thought it was a good idea to hang their toys

Source: one_derpy_raider

#15. Kid doesn't like apples but eats them if they are like McDonald's fries. (I got this from Twitter)

Source: ElitePatheticReddit

#16. My son found a piece of brick outside and put it in a Ziploc bag for safe keeping and brought it inside

Source: PhnxDarkDirk

#17. Best way to use a laptop!

Source: GotBb

#18. Every night, my daughter would refuse to wear her night diaper with the sleeping cat, unless I "wake it up"

Source: 0rAX0

#19. My little brother eats dinner in front of a picture of himself every night

Source: beelzebailey

#20. Despite having a comfortable bed to sleep on, he decided the uncomfortable box would be best

Source: Shearthly

#21. I got stuck in a stool in seventh grade

Source: Greenoiltheft

#22. She insisted on a bandaid after bumping her head. Best I could do.

Source: evolvedtwig

#23. He thought he was putting sugar on his pumpkin pie. It was salt. He still ate all of his pie

Source: ShadyDingo

#24. My 4 year old’s work of art

Source: decyphier_

#25. This is how my 13 year old nephew does his homework

Source: Breezie1213

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