25+ Lovely Moments When Kids Think Pets Are Human-Beings

Kids are very quick learners. They find interest in everything around them. During the first years of life, they start to bond with their environments. In this period, little girls and boys are fascinated by animals, especially pets, since they are the close living beings that the children have ever met.
Kindergarteners, with their parents' information, can often distinguish several animals. Still, some think pets aren't different from family members. How do their moms and dads figure it out? How do they react when they see their little daughters and sons talking to dogs and cats, like chatting with friends? Is it a big deal not to teach a child to tell humans and animals apart?
Read the compilation below, and you will know why animal-loving kids, who recognize pets as human beings, are truly angels!

#1. Dog being a housemate

Source: missmulrooney

#2. Proudly present

Source: thedad

#3. Unlikely twin sister

Source: AmbienceChaser

#4. "Nice to meet you, four-pawed friend!"

Source: YveChairez

#5. Big brother always

Source: BitsieTulloch

#6. Can hear the pig crying and a woofing family member smiling

Source: JoscelynKate

#7. Bring it up!

Source: Buffyfanlarson

#8. More siblings

Source: erinbook

#9. Defending his family

Source: instantmummy

#10. Cats are friends

Source: SarahSoNovel

#11. The teacher never saw it would come

Source: AnyaLuxV

#12. Found out the brother was adopted

Source: Lindz_Turner87

#13. In a galaxy far, far away...

Source: apsapre

#14. Not fluffy enough to get mentioned

Source: nbarlow7x

#15. And Stan is HIS name

Source: B_ISTO__ARS

#16. The poor dog was thinking, What am I, a cat? Or believing his/herself to be hooman and agreeing with the kid?

Source: oregerlig

#17. He was there before...

Source: lesbingpup

#18. "Talk to me, brother!"

Source: M_WilsPhotos

#19. "Hey, woof woof, wanna be my friend?"

Source: HonoraScaduto

#20. Well, sibling discussion

Source: Queen_Candii

#21. Awww

Source: duckcubed

#22. Lovely

Source: Mehubbyandkids

#23. Don't lose track of your siblings!

Source: emwithme

#24. Why not?

Source: Charioteer15

#25. No argument is needed!

Source: AmyProxima

#26. Oh, yes!

Source: RachelEMurphy

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