25 Hilarious Pregnancy Brain Fails That Prove Pregnancy Isn't All Glow and Fun

If you're pregnant or raising a child, you've probably experienced pregnancy brain which lasts for two years after you give birth. Even though the results of "pregnancy brain" can differ from woman to woman, perhaps you are lucky and not usually forgetful. Or you are just like the rest of us in that sometimes your brain farts leave you questioning your sanity on a very real level. Keep reading as we present all the hilarious pregnancy brain fails that you can instantly laugh at!
From leaving laundry detergent in the fridge to forgetting to pick up her baby from school, these are all mistakes that almost every mother has made while having pregnancy brain. However, don't worry too much! Because even the worst cases will come to an end, and when we look back on them, we can have a good laugh. Therefore, we gathered 25 times when moms and soon-to-be moms experienced funny pregnancy brain farts. Let's scroll down and check them out!

1. She ordered a burrito with NO TORTILLA

Source: synesthesiah

Get the chips, problem solve!

2. LOL

Source: JeremyMcLellan

Well, leaving the baby at the house is less dangerous than keeping it in her stomach.

3. Great way to start off the morning!

Source: emilyalbernaztx

When life gives you chicken broth, ask your husband to make a smoothie for you LOL

4. This is what happens when a pregnant woman forgets to put eggs in her waffle batter:

Source: tsa_hard


5. "Conversation with my husband happened yesterday, but I swear it feels like I have a similar one with him every day"

Source: nydialjimenez

Pregnancy brain gets the best of all of us

6. "Pregnancy brain is so real. My daughter's daycare lady sent me this. I’m so embarrassed"

Source: Stacieinhorrorland

Aww her face

7. "Tried to crochet my daughter a fish. My pregnant brain thought it was nice."

Source: Iwant2talkplease

If you squint it looks fine

8. “Honey I left your dinner in the microwave”

Source: MdrnUs3r20

A hidden microwave.

9. So this totally happened this morning, got to work with two different shoes on!

Source: mlbowen7

They're both the same color so I'm calling it a win!

10. "I finally found my damn keys!"

Source: arbonne_with_pam

11. "Preggo brain at its finest. Opened my front door this morning to find these in it!"

Source: _trishee_

12. When you put laundry detergent in the fridge:

Source: tycha_herzog

"There you are!"

13. My 39-week pregnant wife went to the store to “get stuff for dinner”. This is what she came home with:

Source: w3rewulf

Too bad she didn't get you any.

14. This YouTuber forgot she was pregnant, so she took a pregnancy test four days in a row:

Source: ColleenB123

15. Oh no!

Source: gihjee

This can happen with ice cream bars and candy as well

16. "My cousin's pregnancy brain in action."

Source: Imgur

I works. I might try this

17. "Meant to go to Walmart and found myself in Rosas drive-thru line... lil' freaked out."

Source: abbylhaggard

The brain wants what it wants...

18. You know you have a pregnancy brain when you pull the butter back out and find this!

Source: heather_tuckera

19. So this happened...

Source: bmankelow2

It kinda makes sense

20. Instead of drinking water I just drank baby oil

Source: supriya.salvi

21. This pregnant woman put orange juice in her cereal instead of milk:


Who knows? It might be yummy

22. "Hmm, how many teaspoons of banking soda did I put in there?"

Source: melissafe.vii

12 LOL

23. #babybrain

Source: TheZoeCole

At least she didn't collect one child but forget her other 

24. She grabbed a boiled egg instead of her beauty blender to work:

Source: agentmdw

25. Not a chocolate waffle, just a preggo brain

Source: mrjeriel

26. "I thought pregnancy brain was fake. It’s not. To make scrambled eggs this morning, I cracked one egg in a bowl and the other on a plate"

Source: chels_woody

27. This pregnant woman, who walked all the way out to the garage and put the butter on the passenger seat of her car instead of the fridge:

Source: mindi_petersen

28. Completely understandable

Source: Fabbas_

I'm not even pregnant and I do this...

29. "Was looking everywhere for my phone. Then gave up and brought a new one. Look what I found 2 days later..."

Source: phenixia

Congrats, now you have a COOL phone!
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