25 Hilarious Moments When People Realize They Are Having The Worst Day Of Their Lives

Life has good and bad days. Even though we never know which one tomorrow will be, we hope every day to be a great day. Sometimes, our days are ruined in a few seconds, and they become worst before we can understand. It even gets trickier when disastrous yet baffling things take place all at once, and we don't know whether to burst into waves of laughter or tears.
If you have that kind of experience, you are not alone. Numerous other people on earth went through it. Instead of digging a hole and burying all the embarrassing, despicable memories, they snapped the moments and shared them online so that the world could laugh out loud at these cases.
We have compiled several hysterical yet miserable situations when people know their good days are tumbled. Don't miss them if you like to giggle!

#1. "Does this make my cat an abstract expressionist?"

Source: u/Kittensinglasses

#2. Step 1: paint the paintbrush.

Source: u/digdilem

#3. Took everything but the frame.

Source: u/alexbayside

#4. "Booked a hotel room in July for a big convention starting today. Arrived at the hotel and was told they don’t have a room for us. I’m also the guest of the day."

Source: u/GrandCenobite

#5. The market had just started and a vendor accidentally spilled all of their Horchata supply. :(

Source: u/TheRealCptnGoldbeard

#6. When getting dressed in the dark only to look down upon getting to work

Source: u/MarineDawg1775

#7. When you forget your new car has a sunroof...

Source: u/Atillion

#8. "Decided to spontaneously get my wife a new plant from an overpriced local florist that I probably can’t afford. I trip when putting it in my car and one of the heads got ripped off."

Source: u/adamchain

#9. "New neighbors moved in front of us. They keep these lights on all the time. This is our bedroom windows and the view from our bed at 2 am."

Source: u/akrolina

#10. Sliced up plane

Source: u/flatesterify

#11. "A wonderful start to my morning"

Source: u/squishydonkey

#12. "With my 2% battery, I send this final message"

Source: u/Oshawott_is_cute

#13. You're not going to make it

Source: u/IAmQuotingAMoron

#14. Hopefully, the police caught the spider

Source: u/enirtema

#15. "A Buddy of mine caught this at the local Walmart."

Source: u/CutoffThought

#16. Melon beats knife

Source: u/IllLockstep

#17. "My dog ate my apple pencil..."

Source: u/TheFlamingTiger777

#18. "My girlfriend just left me, alternator sized a day later, then the mechanic backs up into a tow truck right when the repair was finished."

Source: u/LeGarretteBlunt420

#19. "Welp looks like today is my lucky day."

Source: u/amaurer3210

#20. Kitty went through a massive cobweb and freaked out

Source: u/maq_aries

#21. Dad dropped his cane

Source: u/MellyBoBelly22

#22. "My toddler found my Cintiq pen and COMPLETELY took it apart."

Source: u/Duskychaos

#23. "£50 for a full car valet followed by a short hike with the dog on what looked like solid ground"

Source: u/happycat_ishappy

#24. Regretting his life choices.

Source: u/StridentQepiq

#25. Ever thought about hiring a cheap barber from craigslist? Think again.

Source: u/Thaitail53

#26. Married Couple In Front Of Their Burning Car

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