25 Heart-Melting Dad Moments That Will Make You Want To Give Yours A Big Ol' Hug

There is something extraordinary about the love between a dad and their children. Simply because their relationship is the very definition of unconditional love, research shows that healthy relationships between fathers and kids are directly related to higher levels of the child’s well-being. So, on top of being a beautiful bond, it’s also a deeply important one.
And let's be honest here, dads don't always get the credit they deserve, which is why Emily wanted to shine a light on some of the beautiful moments that capture dads worldwide have to share today. Keep scrolling through these dad moments to bless your day with the warmest hug and filled your heart with such wholesome feelings. But beware of tearjerker material ahead, LOL!

#1. Pop giving a pedicure.

Source: scott6657

#2. Life of a single daddy:

Source: ThatOtherGai

#3. Mermaid and her mer-dad at Disneyland:

Dad MomentsSource: taratorial

#4. The dad was walking back and forth while his daughter kept laughing the whole time:

And they're matching too. How cute!Source: MitchesBeCrazy

#5. "So... dad made me a backpack:"

Source: VetWolf1

#6. "Happy Father’s Day to the man who chose to be my father when he didn’t have to."

Source: dabisbadbackwards

#7. “This knight’s daughter came up after all the jousting and ’healed’ everyone with her wand, then kissed her daddy.”

Source: MrKakapo

#8. “My dad’s reaction to seeing his daughter in her gown on her wedding day”

Dad MomentsSource: Nickuzzy

#9. "My 11-month-old took his first steps today, safe to say I handled it quite manly."

Dad MomentsSource: goodbrother261

#10. "I’ve been a full-time single dad since November, and today I took my girls to get our nails done. It was my first time and I love it!"

Source: Benzorgz

#11. "Surrounded by women his whole life and now he finally has the sons he’s always asked for:"

Source: kendall_rose98

#12. "Oh, you know, just a lil spa & movie time w/ the girls!"

Source: goodjobcobb

#13. “My 6-year-old daughter has been asking for months to have a mohawk like her daddy.”

Dad MomentsSource: KiltedRonin

#14. "My father was in law enforcement for 40+ years. My sister just graduated from the academy!"

Source: Spudly2319

#15. "When your daughter crawls into your lap for a nap on a lazy Sunday, you don’t move until she’s ready for you to move..."

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#16. "This pretty much sums up my life right now:"

Dad MomentsSource: Solix

#17. Just... dad's goals.

Source: dontforgetdads

#18. #dadlifes

Source: dontforgetdads

#19. "The feeling when you hold your first daughter for the very first time."

Holy emotions!Source: dontforgetdads

#20. Even though single parenting is tough, those hugs and love are totally worth it!

Source: nolalion

#21. "My dad and I used to get milkshakes together all the time. My daughter and I sharing our first milkshake together!"

Dad MomentsSource: Hweb92

#22. "My dad is going through a nightmarish divorce with my mom. I texted him saying I loved him and this was his response."

Source: Rosebudding-94

#23. “I dyed my hair and my dad just won’t stop now.”

Source: bbyblondie_

#24. “Some things never change.”

Source: Schwarzenegger

#25. Lastly, dad level: 3000.

Dad MomentsSource: kenjwho

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