25 Funny Tweets That Show How Parents' Lives Have Been 'Ruined' Bafflingly

It is December 2022. We have no better occasion than this to reflect our whole year. Kids are prepared to be noted on the naughty-or-nice list, while moms and dads wonder if parenthood has ruined their spirits. Every parent used to be a child, but not every child can grow up and choose to be a parent. Parenthood is just too enormous to be described in words.
However, ironic yet hysterical stories shared by parents are on another level, especially when the holiday spirit is in the air. The greeting season can be much more different when you have kids around. Pine trees, decorations, cards, gifts, and stuff are waiting for parents to buy, carry home, and think about what should be done next.
With some sarcasm and humor, those stories become a gold mine of joys. We dare you to read them without giggling. Here they come!

#1. They all run away

Source: @sarcasticmommy4


Source: @sarcasticmommy4

#3. Just don't over use it!

Source: @KatieDeal99

#4. Such a fun age

Source: @IHideFromMyKids

#5. It would be funny if weren’t so true and depressing.

Source: @thedad

#6. Feel this on every level.

Source: @HomeWithPeanut

#7. Just don’t cancel birthdays! That hurts way way worse.

Source: @bekindofwitty

#8. Teach you Life will

Source: @mcdadstuff

#9. Well? How was the balloon?

Source: @kevinthedad

#10. Mom of the year!

Source: @sarcasticmommy4

#11. Kids know how to hurt

Source: @daddygofish

#12. Is there a story behind this? Like is there a small town named China?

Source: @kevinthedad

#13. You want them to be independent but then when they are actually independent and don’t need your help, you tear a bit

Source: @MommyingHard

#14. Right? “It’s OK he forgot something at home”

Source: @mommajessiec

#15. Dadding with your whole chest

Source: @Dad_At_Law

#16. Better safe than sorry!

Source: Dad and Buried

#17. ... and asking a million questions

Source: @LurkAtHomeMom

#18. You need a very long poking device.

Source: @sarcasticmommy4

#19. Add a whistle for every ten minutes they’re late!

Source: @thedad

#20. Ah, he’s not lying!

Source: @GrahamKritzer

#21. The most basic explanation for two-parent homes.

Source: @thedad

#22. You would go to bed hungry, or eat

Source: @thedad

#23. Or buy a winter jacket the day before it gets cold!

Source: @thedad

#24. If they don't make bad calls, they don't get the wrath of dad.

Source: @thedad

#25. And then they leave home, and you want all that back again.

Source: @thedad

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