25 Funny Sleeping Pictures Of People And Animals That Will Make You Feel Asleep

If you are having a bad day, check out this photo gallery of people and animals that are found sleeping in the most hilarious positions. These pictures will instantly cheer you up, for sure.
Sometimes, especially when you're so tired after hours of working, you just want to stay in bed and do nothing else. Because it's cozy and safe. However, the bed is not the only choice. Like people in the list below, they can sleep everywhere, from on the fence to in the car. And those moments are so amusing. Scroll down to check them out and enjoy. Don't forget to vote for your favs.

#1. Never thought I would find a legitimate use for the fake practice hand I had from cosmetology school years ago until the day my infant son got sick and refused to sleep unless he was holding my finger

Source: DIY_Cosmetics

#2. Walked in on the SO sleeping. I’m not sure she’s human

Source: ElrianWalker

#3. Sleeping in class-level pro

Source: Plavusha

#4. Thought he was stuck but realized he was just sleeping

Source: lunatic01

#5. I could hear him snoring but I couldn't find him, his brother casually responds, "oh he's sleeping in the suitcase again"

Source: unknown / reddit

#6. The way my cat sleeps

Source: Interkrmn

#7. Thats how my cat likes to sleep...

Source: Affectionate-Big3468

#8. Punk's just sleeping drunk

Source: shatzi_

#9. This is how our ferret was sleeping

Source: MegaMatty

#10. It was slightly unsettling to look back and find my dog sleeping like this

Source: unknown / reddit

#11. When you sleep over at a friends house and they don't give you any blankets

Source: jimmyjeeb24

#12. Can't sleep there mate

Source: Caridor

#13. This is how my cat sleeps

Source: surlymtb

#14. Juvenile owls often sleep face down because their heads are too heavy

Source: downriverrowing

#15. My dog is pregnant, and this is how she sleeps

Source: theprinceofsparta

#16. I was at the national agricultural show this weekend. Friday night there was a huge party and the morning after, this pig was found sleeping in a toilet stall

Source: doihavetosignup

#17. When you're at a friend's house and he goes to sleep without giving you a blanket

Source: WhatAreHax

#18. Helmet. Ferret sleeps with a bowl on her head

Source: lenochta

#19. Cats sleep in the weirdest places

Source: droidkaran

#20. Delta passenger puts down mattress and goes to sleep at the gate

Source: JOEY2X

#21. This is why I can't sleep in on weekends

Source: theycallmesomething

#22. In case you need something to brighten your day, here’s a picture of my dog sleeping

Source: cadencecleo

#23. The only 2 positions that Duke sleeps in

Source: TheScheirmanator

#24. My gf's dog likes to sleep on my lap and constantly fart in my face...

Source: Hammelicious

#25. Why I hate sleeping on pullout sofas

Source: unknown / reddit

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