25 Funny Pictures That Seem Ordinary Until You Zoom In

Have you ever tried to take a funny picture but it didn't go well as expected? Check that picture again. Because when you look at that picture, you might just focus on the main characters in the foreground and ignore what happens in the background, you don't know how unintentionally funny the background is. From the funny facial expressions to the weird things photobombers do, those things are so funny that they can have you rolling on the floor laughing all day long.
We have collected some funny pictures that seem ordinary at the first glance, but if you give them a second look, you will understand why they are so amusing. Take a minute to scroll down and check these photos out. Don't forget to vote for your favs. If you have any hilarious images, please share them with us in the comment section below.

#1. That one time Drake photobombed my families photo (With Rihanna sitting with him)

Source: moneyor2

#2. A friend of mine ruined this moment between Kim and Kanye during a New Year's Eve party a few years back. Still my favorite photobomb ever

Source: hafelnuts

#3. Shoutout to the guys who timed their jump perfectly

Source: katebertelson_

#4. Smoothest photobomber ever

Source: unknown / reddit

#5. The look on this pilot's face as his passenger decides to jump and throw her arms into the air for a pic while under the spinning chopper blades

Source: Proof70

#6. If you’ve ever felt like piglet

Source: laurennmun

#7. Took our first-ever trip to DisneyWorld. Got photobombed

Source: QuiGonnHank

#8. Priorities

Source: Soulumn

#9. Hmmm

Source: Palifaith

#10. My 22 month old nephew's epic photobomb

Source: HidroProtagonist

#11. Mitch McConnell’s vote photobombed by unhappy constituent

Source: Tmfwang

#12. Hmmm

Source: Pilcrew

#13. My picture was photobombed by one cheeky goose

Source: xBonnyx

#14. We got photobombed by an alpaca

Source: Slamhain

#15. Best unplanned picture I’ve ever taken

Funny BackgroundSource: mrsyelslab

#16. Decided to photobomb my wife during our wedding photoshoot last month

Funny BackgroundSource: Thatguy9211

#17. In honor of the Royal Wedding, I present my friend Derek getting photobombed by Prince Harry while working the Invictus Games last year!

Funny BackgroundSource: sidewinderucf

#18. Ran into the creator of Red vs. Blue and Carmen Electra... Best photobomb ever?

Funny BackgroundSource: mlnt

#19. Best photobomb

Funny BackgroundSource: StopClickBait

#20. The Queen Just Photobombed a Selfie At The Commonwealth Games

Funny BackgroundSource: nostalgicadobom

#21. "Photobomb of the year?"

Funny BackgroundSource: SirCookieLord_

#22. Got married last week. My favorite picture from the night got photobombed by my buddy

Funny BackgroundSource: MadrushnRU

#23. My wife and I photobombed by a giraffe

Funny BackgroundSource: unknown / reddit

#24. I found this master photobomber in my Facebook feed

Funny BackgroundSource: schluckebier

#25. Photobombed by my own cat

Funny BackgroundSource: cdale326

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