25 Funny Pics Of Kids Getting Into Mischief To Prove That Childhood Is An Adventure Every Day

Kids are naturally inquisitive about their surroundings. In their eyes, everything is exceedingly new and strangely enticing eyes, everything is exceedingly new and strangely enticing. Curiosity stimulates them to discover new information. But they have a different reception than we often use, and they occasionally cause problems for their parents. Mischief is indispensable for every family with kids. They can tire you out from cleaning up after your children's misbehavior, but they also make you fall even more in love with them.
Here are 25 funny pics of kids getting into mischief to prove that childhood is an adventure every day. Scroll down to see them, and don't forget to share your experience. Let's get started and have some fun!

#1. My son decided he wanted to bite into the cheese in three different places

Source: trulymind

#2. My princess saw my shirt and tie and said she would help me get ready for work

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#3. How to show that you have children without saying that you have children

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#4. Time to google how to clean the controller safely

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#5. Whatttt?

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#6. I love my dad

Source: Team Jimmy Joe

#7. A million messes that you don't have the heart to be angry about

Source: Courtesy of Samantha Pratt-Wagner

#8. Child sleeping in a position that can't possibly be comfortable

Source: Courtesy of Samantha Pratt-Wagner

#9. Kids bloopers

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#10. My wife texted me that she would lie down on the couch and maybe take a nap. When I got home I found this scene

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#11. We played hide and seek with my daughter. I decided to pretend that I can’t find it

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#12. Hmmm

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#13. Guess which car he gets when he goes to college

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#14. Dog is ready for the Pride parade!

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#15. A boy decided that the plane needed to be decorated

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#16. My two children are intelligent and wonderful. One plays on the iPad and the second chews on the TV remote

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#17. I was sure my son was eating his food. Yet he hid her and didn’t even choose a good place

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#18. My niece was visiting and decided to leave a heart in the kitty litter box

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#19. Camo Kid

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#20. Mom, I swear it wasn't me

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#21. Identically unperturbed by what they did to themselves with the clippers at 5am

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#22. My kid swallowed a penny while showing his little brother how he accidentally swallowed a simm key the day before

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#23. My nephew wanted a portrait of George Washington. Thank goodness he didn’t want a portrait of Ben Franklin

Source: Marabakes

#24. My son only eats apples if they look like McDonald’s fries

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#25. What are you doing?

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