25 Funny And Embarrassing Haircuts That'll Make You Appreciate Your Barber

Every time you visit a hair salon, you have to make a split-second decision about the haircut you want to have. But the decisions you make in a short period of time, more often than not, don't end well. Because you can't be sure whether the haircut you choose fits you or not. If not, mistakes will occur. And the new hairstyles turn them into ugly ducklings rather than gorgeous swans. Many people have had bad experiences in barbershops, and they decided to share funny and embarrassing haircuts they had with other people online.
We have made a compilation of the funniest tragic haircuts for you. Scroll down to check them out and vote for your favs. These pictures are from the r/Justf*ckmysh*tup subreddit dedicated to poking fun at unfortunate haircut fails. Therefore, if this list is not enough to crack you up, you can go to this online community to check out more funny and embarrassing haircuts.

#1. When you wanna go everywhere with your twin

Source: OvertimeBarge

#2. My sociology professor from college


#3. The scarfs one thing but Jesus

Source: muchclap185

#4. Nope. Not what I asked for

Source: Stepmomspaghetti

#5. When it rains, it pours

Source: nighteeeeey

#6. How millenials appear to old people

Source: tigra777od

#7. Estonian right-wing politician

Source: Wylx

#8. I’m a pro barber, traded in my thick/dreamy waist length mane for this filthy nightmare skullet . Self executed, last summer. NO RAGRETS

Source: Mulletbarber

#9. This is how my mate returned from vacation in Albania

Source: chicken98_

#10. Not just a bowl cut, it's the whole package...

Source: maturelyBrew

#11. "We're all born bald, baby"

Source: Sefirot967

#12. Does this count?

Source: hornyetcher824

#13. Vintage Daniel Craig

Source: Ohhhnothing

#14. Gimme dat "Hey Mommy, I found the clippers" look

Source: Malignlyloft90

#15. Smelled as bad as his hair looked

Funny And Embarrassing HaircutsSource: NorthernPintail957

#16. Phil Spector fucked up his shit for 4 decades

Funny And Embarrassing HaircutsSource: bukowski_knew

#17. Chris needs some miracle gro

Funny And Embarrassing HaircutsSource: IcyStar2140

#18. Godd**n people on cheaters always have the WORST haircuts

Funny And Embarrassing HaircutsSource: -blackpillbaby

#19. Old man haircut on kids

Funny And Embarrassing HaircutsSource: wisydws

#20. Dust bunny aesthetic

Funny And Embarrassing HaircutsSource: ithinkilikegirlstoo

#21. My friend’s boyfriend. He’s had this haircut for 8+ years

Funny And Embarrassing HaircutsSource: discreteligament

#22. Found on Twitter

Funny And Embarrassing HaircutsSource: Brilliant-Ad-434

#23. One dreadlock

Funny And Embarrassing HaircutsSource: MathiasCruz2099

#24. This

Funny And Embarrassing HaircutsSource: shamwowj

#25. Coolio had to cut holes in his hat for his fucked up shit. RIP Coolio

Funny And Embarrassing HaircutsSource: crunchymac187

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