25 Foods That Make People Almost Curse Out Loud When They See Them

Okay, this is probably not what you expected to look at today — a whole post dedicated to food disasters. Apparently, there's this Facebook group with 1.6K members known as "That's Not Dinner, That's a Hate Crime", where everyone can shame food together. Although we are aware of the fact that not everyone is born a good chef, we still feel the urge to make fun of these foods. Burnt food, bad-looking decorations, weird combinations, etc. We are sure that you will say some bad words when you look at them.
We have collected 25 examples of food that make people almost curse out loud when they see them. Scroll down to check them out!

#1. Merry Easter

Source: Kourt Trahan

#2. NOPE

Source: Daniel Gardner

#3. Whyyyyyy?

Source: Camille Pound

#4. It has mustard on it. Also, tf lmao?

Source: Sanita Subatina

#5. Are you trying to start a fight? Because this is how you start a fight.

Source: Kieran Atkinson-Wood

#6. Nutella and orange open face sandwich, anyone?

Source: Leah Rose

#7. To make things worse, I’m incredibly allergic to this

Source: Annie Hart

#8. Ooh pickles and chocolate pudding. Good separate, better together.

Source: Heidi Parks

#9. Mmmm. Teeth.

Source: Leah Rose

#10. Drink it!

Source: William Ellis

#11. Perfect combo

Source: Daniel Gardner

#12. Wow, wanna taste this so bad

Source: Daniel Gardner

#13. I am becoming violent

Source: Skylar Doody

#14. Okay but who hurt you?

Source: Leah Rose

#15. Looks like the chef was blackout drunk

Source: Leah Rose

#16. The hate life box?

Source: Bry Anna

#17. Pickle cheesecake, anyone?

Source: Leah Rose

#18. Why just y'all ruin everything with bacon?

Source: James Baker

#19. Can't tell what it is

Source: Eva Abbott

#20. Wanna cry

Source: Bry Anna

#21. Pickle cheesecake, anyone?

Source: Heather Varnadoe

#22. All. That. Food. Coloring.

Source: Scott Treleven

#23. Impressive

Source: Jarod Reynoso

#24. Ham, pickle, and jizz rolls?? Nah.

Source: Bry Anna

#25. Hi!

Source: James D Lew

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