25 Crappy Logo Designs That Made People Laugh Like Hell

Is graphic design an easy job? As you can see from the list of crappy logo designs below, we have to say that, becoming a graphic designer is not easy. This job requires designers a combination of audacity and humility, as well as confidence in their talent. And one of the most crucial factors is giving anything considerable thought. Mistakes, though, are unavoidable. When creating logos, graphic designers can't always consider all the possible outcomes.
These crappy logo designs are the best examples of this. They show why graphic designers have to consider all the possible outcomes when creating logos. Although they seem to be beautiful and stylish, but completely inappropriate. And they will have to look twice to not be fooled. Now, scroll down to take a look. And vote for your favs.

#1. Not the greatest logo...

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: 1aappyy

#2. Designer: Can you describe the logo you'd like? Client: It should have a leaky pipe. But instead of fixing it, our plumber just puts his finger in there. And btw, it should still leak after he does that

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: nickrosener

#3. An unfortunate logo for a fitness center

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: Dingwallace

#4. A clothing tag with an unfortunate logo design...

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: Samheim

#5. The logo for this spicy apple jelly

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: KyleColby

#6. My son who just started to read, “HELL BABY. HELL BABY. HELL BABY!!!”

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: Hopeful_Relative_494

#7. This yogurt using biohazards symbol as its logo

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: ShermanLiu

#8. They really need a new logo...

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: ForeverInaDaze

#9. This medical center’s logo is a flat line

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: izyzacov

#10. Unfortunate door/logo placement on this plane

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: nthensome

#11. THE TIM HOE USE - supposed to read 'The time house'

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: Big_ElMo

#12. Whoever designed this logo made a terrible mistake

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: j1002s

#13. This logo of a company in my city

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: Fulla_good_stuff

#14. A "cheerleading" logo in a town close to me...

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: Pmray23

#15. We’re going to contact them with a new logo hopefully

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: lefuturtle

#16. Girls water polo team logo

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: Bacicot

#17. I love drinking kids too!

Crappy Logo DesignsSource: RosenRanAway

#18. Design of the bottle and logo looks way to close to a Sunny D like drink. If a kid couldn't read this would go bad

Source: TheElegiast

#19. The flip zone has a rule of "NO BACKFLIPS" when there is literally a guy backflipping in the logo

Source: Xx_BaconPlays_xX

#20. Prizes on offer at the clinic

Source: BaronVonStretchmark

#21. This sign in the office building where I'm attending training...

Source: Autiosaaren_lautturi

#22. This restaurant’s logo that looks like a health grade

Source: drobinow

#23. Was stuck behind this unfortunate logo today

Source: Jackarewb

#24. This companies logo looks like somebody got pulled into a lathe

Source: Marc815

#25. This logo for "Old Town North"

Source: KittyLikesTuna

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