25 Awkward Mishaps That Happened When People Misunderstood Given Instruction

Ordering a custom item carries a certain amount of risk. There is never a guarantee that the outcome will be exactly what you wanted. But since humans adore possessing something unique and special that no one else has, we willingly accept that risk. Or simply because we don't think a straightforward custom order for which we supplied clear instructions could go wrong. Let me tell you, nevertheless...
Reddit has a large community called "Peanut Butter Is One Word" devoted to those amusing accidents caused by people misinterpreting the directions. Check out some of the funniest examples of "instructions gone wrong."

#1. Op’s Girlfriend Got Them A Bojack Themed Birthday Cake


#2. Probably

Source: SandiPsych

#3. Thanks To My Friends, Birthday Time!

Source: svensonic1

#4. A Welsh Classic

Source: donach69

#5. Op’s Company Now Has 900 Of These Pens

Source: LordGuille

#6. The Instructions On Bag Of Rice

Source: not_gerg

#7. ‘Make Sure That You Label Them That They Contain Egg’

Source: kapildwasnik

#8. If It’s Still Too Long Let Me Know

Source: bertiebauer

#9. 3/5 Stars

Source: tapanapanteraaa

#10. Sent My Friend A Potato For His Birthday

Source: pattoyourcatto

#11. Poland Flag

Source: metmike89

#12. Not Sure If This Was Posted Before, But My First Thought When I Found This Reddit

Source: vilidj_idjit

#13. While Not Exactly The Same As The Gag, This Reminded Me Of The Show!

Source: Super_Mario_Sunshine

#14. Congratulations To Tucker I Guess?


#15. Sample Text

Source: Yaimerie

#16. Association’s Name

Source: Alice_Savard

#17. Surpriiiise!

Source: exzact

#18. Oops In Arabic

Source: jakeinator21

#19. Came Across An Intentional One Today

Source: idiotgalore

#20. Happy Birthday, Generic Men And Women

Source: mirafacon

#21. A Friend Of Mine Ordered A Picture Cake And Gave The Woman A Thumb Drive With The Picture She Wanted To Use

Source: just_leave_it

#22. Parents Didn’t Want Their Son’s Name Printed On His School Photo

Source: Dewdeaux

#23. My Anniversary Present.


#24. 30 With Stars And Sprinkels Around It!

Source: fluffykittie

#25. My Mom’s Old iPad

Source: miinyuu

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