25+ Awful Work Accidents People Have Unluckily Came Across

Sometimes, all of us face terrible work days; you might forget to send an email at the appropriate time or accidentally spill coffee on your own clothes. You undoubtedly think that your day is dreadful when these bad things happen, but then you realize that a lot of individuals are dealing with much worse situations at work than you are.
So, if you're having a hard day at work, simply think of these guys who need tons of sympathy and hugs to get through the terrible situations they had to deal with. Check out some awful incidents that occurred to people at work by scrolling down.

#1. My Friend Got A Surprise Haircut At Work Today. And It Was Free


#2. Guy Dropped A $40,000 Pallet Of Glass On His First Day

Source: MrTenenbaum7

#3. Poor Megan

Source: needmorexanax

#4. When You’re Working From Home And You Hit Video Instead Of Audio

Source: bonitasaph

#5. The One Time The Toner Exploded At Work While Switching It Out. You Can See Where I Was At That Exact Moment

Source: paochow

#6. Buckets Of Paint Fell Off A Pallet Being Lifted By A Forklift

Source: the-d-man

#7. Buckets Of Paint Fell Off A Pallet Being Lifted By A Forklift

Source: Key-Disaster-3682

#8. Keeps Pecking The Window And Shouting At Me While I’m Trying To Work


#9. It’s Always A Pleasure To Realize That Your Coworkers Don’t Know How To Close A Box Properly… Right When You’re Ready To Go Home

Source: Thunder_SdSh

#10. My Friend Works As A Cleaner Here

Source: soulkeyy

#11. After The Meeting Coworker Let Me Know That I Looked Naked And Frustrated The Whole Time

Source: lindseyyisrad420

#12. Really Bad Day

Source: TheMagnificentBoner

#13. My Friend Works As An Extra In Movies And Does Stock Photography…. Just Saw Him Pictured As A Sex Offender On A Bus In Florida

Source: devandangers

#14. I Work As A Valet. Told Him He Had To Park It Himself

Source: MADMAV89

#15. I Do Calligraphy. I Misplaced The Circled In Character, Which Is Part Of A 300 Word Scroll That I Almost Finished After 5 Days Of Work, 200 Characters In

Source: SomeFoolishHooman

#16. So I Bring A Pecan Pie To Work. By Noon It Was Missing. Found It A Few Hours Later In My Boss’s Office

Source: Ciclismo4185

#17. Actually Had To Put This Sign Up In The Bathroom At My Work

Source: surbauer

#18. So I Started Working As A Beekeeper Last Week


#19. My Girlfriend Got Nailed At Work

Source: chrystal-mighties

#20. My Zipper Broke At Work, Right Before A Few Important Meetings

Source: illigal

#21. Started Work This Morning, Put My Headset On, Felt Something Furry In My Ear, Looked And There Is A Bat In My Headset

Source: soulhacler

#22. Flew In A Helicopter For The First Time At Work, The Pilot’s Helmet Wasn’t Calming

Source: drdoom

#23. Fell On A Gusset Plate At Work

Source: mithrilbong

#24. Bought 60 Doughnuts For The Office Today To Celebrate My 20th Birthday, Only To Be Told I Need To Self Isolate And Work From Home For The Next Week

Source: Peencub

#25. My Sister Tried Making Popcorn At Work Today… Didn’t Go Very Well

Source: flooptyscoops

#26. After Years In Retail, This Is The Worst Case Scenario

Source: AndySlot

#27. They Couldn’t Do It

Source: NinjaCatPurr

#28. I Work With An Office Full Of Sadists

Source: NoTick

#29. Accidently Dropped My Work Keys Into The Toilet. When I Got Up To Fish Them Out, It Automatically Flushed Itself

Source: MovieReviewForNew

#30. The Windows Where I Work Like To Explode Every Month Or So

Source: Morg1603

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