People Share Their Half Laughing, Half Crying Situations Using Roombas

Since not all of us like or have time to do household chores every day, some modern cleaning tools were invented to help us do such things. Their convenience makes our lives easier, saving a lot of time and effort. Roombas can be a good example, considering they are the most popular choice. You just need to program the vacuum to run at a specific time each day, and your floor is generally clean without your interaction. However, this cleaning product does not always perform its job that well.
Today, we have rounded up a list of half laughing, half crying situations that people get when using roombas. These pics not only bring you a good laugh but also remind you that robot vacuums are not smart all the time. They are, on occasion, so dumb that they can make a big mess in your house rather than helping you remove the dirt. Guys, make sure you're well aware of them.

#1. "Go Home, Roomba! You’re Drunk"


#2. "Cat + Paint Can + Roomba"


#3. "Apparently My Dog Thought The Roomba Was An Assailant"


#4. "Our Roomba Had A Run-In With Naked Barbie. Naked Barbie Lost"


#5. "Roomba, The Nope Of Dog World"


#6. "Roomba Has Gone Rogue"


#7. "The Roomba Didn't Come Home Last Night After Its Scheduled Cleaning And Is Nowhere To Be Found"


#8. "This Is Carl. He Likes To Squeeze Into Impossible Spots And Then Sleep. This Is His Favorite Spot, Takes 2+ People To Get Him Out"


#9. "Came Home From Dinner And Found My Vacuum Hanging On For Life"


#10. "Came Into The Kitchen To Find That My Dog Trapped The Dead Roomba With His Toys"


#11. "This Is What Happens When Your Wife Leaves The Door Open To The Pool Area. Your Expensive Robot Vacuum Decides It Wants To Meet The Pool Vacuum... Goddammit"


#12. "Not Only Did It Steal The Bloody Shower Towel It Tried To Hide Under The Vanity Thing. I Suppose It Wanted To Snack In Private"


#13. "Started Cracking Up When I Discovered SNL’s Mr. Bill Stuck Like This In The Roomba. Poor Guy"


#14. Received A Notification From My iRobot App. "Roomba Requires Your Attention. Roomba Is Stuck Near A Cliff"


#15. "I'm Afraid, Our Vacuum Will Quit Soon. It Seems He Had An Interview"


#16. "My Parents Tested Using Robo-Vac To Clean The Unfinished Basement And Apparently Left The Walk-Out Door Open"


#17. "Local Doggie Daycare Learned A Valuable Lesson About Leaving A Roomba In The Reception Area"


#18. "Just Found Out I Bought Vacuum Which Doesn’t Have Any Vacuum Capabilities, It Just Rolls Around The Floor"


#19. "Roomba Suicide In My House Last Night. It Somehow Wrapped Up Its Sensors In Toilet Paper And Headed Off The Edge"


#20. "Today I Got Home To A Vacuum Robot With Artistic Pretensions"


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