20+ Dogs Who Shed So Much They Can Shower Owners With Their Fur

Having a pet dog by your side is undoubtedly heartwarming, these faithful furry guys are definitely the most loving and loyal companions we could ever ask for in this world. However, they also come with many responsibilities that we must be willing to face and yes, clean up their messes is surely one of them. There's no secret that many energetic dogs are born troublemakers who absolutely know how to bring chaos into our lives, but nice, calm dogs aren't really any less troublesome either. The reasons? First of all, they shed. A lot.
Following the #sheddingdogchallenge, members of a Facebook group called Dogspotting Society have been sharing hilarious pictures of dogs who shed too much they could literally drown their owners in their fur. Prepare for the headache and also the cuteness before you scroll down!

#1. Artwork credit goes to my mom. And no, I have no clue how she does it so perfect lol.

Credit: Ben Kelch

#2. "A NEW challenge... (i know the huskies got me beat on this one)."

Credit: Rachel Lewis

#3. "Never talk to me or my children again."

Credit: Billie Jack

#4. Why shake it off when you can shed it off???

Credit: Mishka Valentina Jensen

#5. He is a Cairn Terrier and his breed calls for “handstripping” for grooming.

Credit: Marisa Crowhurst

#6. Ohhhh I love this new trend because I have a husky that literally sheds clouds.

Credit: Nicole De Jesus

#7. Pancake: "it’d be a shame if... if you could never wear black again".

Credit: Faith Clark

#8. Indy may have passed away last month, but he was sure to spread his hair confetti everywhere as a little daily reminder of his love for us. I miss him so much.

Credit: Brittany Johnson

#9. "That time I couldn't steal my parents lab, so I built my own!"

Credit: Michelle Michael

#10. "Get a Husky!" they said.

Credit: Donna Duangdara

#11. She sheds like this all year. This is having only not groomed for several days.

Credit: Annie Kelley

#12. Yeah...

Credit: Caleb-Ashlyn Mellstrom

#13. Christmas decor? A deconstructed felted snowman? Nope. Just balls of pet hair from brushing.

Credit: Pingu con pelo del Peru

#14. I found this cloud that looks like a husky.

Credit: Jaime Skipper

#15. How is this even possible from such a little doggo????!!! And, she isn’t even ashamed by it!!

Credit: Katrina Fultz Erb 

#16. She was still shedding, I stopped to give her a break.

Credit: Kate RM

#17. A challenge we can finally get behind!

Credit: Jackie Mirba Danna

 #18. This guy is shedding so bad that my husband took him to the ball field and brushed him... this is after 3 previous brushings today.

Credit: Danielle Sciacchitano Travis

#19. Gave our golden a good brushing and made a wig for our cat with his hair.

Credit: KT Gallucci

#20. Got this using discount code welcome10.

Credit: Jen Tipton

#21. Dixie must think it’s spring time.

Credit: Jessica Danielle Goodman

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