10+ Funny Memes You'll Only Understand If You Are A Taurus

Stubborn, introverted and loyal, there are so many things about Taurus that people just can't understand. The ones born under this zodiac sign are often not easy-going nor communicative, they have huge problems with social activities and they don't like to join any crowd. They are hard to befriend, but once you give them time to open up and trust you, they are definitely the most faithful and trustworthy companions you could ever ask for.
In this post, we have rounded up 15 interesting memes about Taurus that speak out a lot of things people sometimes find hard to get. If you want to know more about this sensitive Earth sign, just scroll down and check them out:

#1. If disliking you is a crime, I'm guilty.

Image: tauriansrule

#2. Okay… I want attention now...

Image: tauriansrule

#3. Too much.

Image: taurus.dreamworld

#4. I'm sorry but I'm not sorry.

Image: tauriansrule

#5. This workday feeling a whole lot like all of these.

Image: my_name_is_tttaurus

#6. At all.

Image: taurus._zodiac

#7. All fax no printer.

Image: sassycharmingdiazz

#8. It's OK.

Image: missastrologer

#9. You just don't understand.

Image: taurusolody

#10. Yep that's just me.

Image: glossy_zodiac

#11. But it's clearly self-care...

Image: btch.rising

#12. See I don't want to care but deep down I care, too much.

Image: glossy_zodiac

#13. Extra heavy on the sensitive tbh.

Image: taurus__moodz

#14. It's complicated.

Image: glossy_zodiac

#15. That's the only thing we aim at.

Image: taurus.motto

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