20+ Funny Jealous Dogs Who Just Don't Know How To Share Love

Most dogs love humans unconditionally. Their love is honest, pure, and beautiful, but it often comes with a small consequence: jealousy. Yes, our lovely furry friends can get jealous quite easily with literally everything that we care about: another pet, our own babies, or even some random items in our house that we spend more time with. But if truth be told, such enviousness makes them even cuter somehow!
Here are some hilarious moments of dogs getting jealous that you can totally relate if you happen to be or used to be a dog owner, scroll down and check them out!

#1. "Mom and dad brought home a new hairless puppy and no one wants to love me anymore..."

Image credits: landvatter_paws

#2. "Mommy, don't pet him, pet me!"

Image credits: dozermcjigglyjaws

#3. Jealous dog fades into existence...

Image credits: gstottt

#4. "Don't care about da plants, care me!!"

Image credits: djdldjqtsp

#5. "Don't u dare to give her da food!"

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#6. "Pawlease, throw me da ball..."

Image credits:

#7. "This is simply unacceptable."

Image credits: rolo_shihtzu

#8. Beanie boo is not pleased the baby ducks are getting more attention.

Image credits: thebeanieboo

#9. If jealousy had a face...

Image credits: kuso99

#10. "Can someone please explain to me how this is fair?"

Image credits: its_millie_timeee

#11. Green with envy.

Image credits: kiara_the_cowardly_dog

#12. The girl loves her new dog. The other dog... not so much.

Image credits: baz711

#13. "Why does he get a new toy?"

Image credits: goldcoastgroodle

#14. "Mum, lately I've begun to feel like something has come between us. Two somethings in fact."

Image credits: kokodathelabx

#15. "U forgot about meeee?"

Image credits: bstrohkirch

#16. "Why is the cat allowed to sit on the food? May I... ?"

Image credits: lala__superstar

#17. When your hoomom gets you a present from the Black Dog store, but not your uncle Zozi.

Image credits: princess_sophie_raj

 #18. "Why is there a cat in da house, ma?"

Image credits: dobby_the_house_dog007

#19. That look tho...

Image credits: darcy_ada_dachies

#20. Little Sasshole pretending to be a Daddy’s boy because he’s jealous of Scout getting some loving.

Image credits: adventuresofcarsonridge

#21. When another dog is in her seat...

Image credits: cavachonmollie

#22. "Do I look like I'm pleased?"

Image credits: noodle.and.floof
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