An Extraordinary Bird With Metallic Blue Eye Mask, Pale Scalloped Plumage, Gray Crown And Black Throat

There are many extraordinary birds in nature. They are gifted with a one-of-their kind coat or a striking feature or both of them. Only one can make them conspicuous among others. If you spot them in real life, we do believe that you won't keep your eyes off these captivating feathery creatures.

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The ocellated antbird is one of these prominent birds. It wears an electric blue mask, creating a striking contrast with its large black eyes and gray crown. Another thing that makes it unmistakable is pale scalloped patterns spreading all over the plumage.

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Additionally, this species has midnight black throat and bill and pale skin legs.

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Males look similar to the females while young birds lack the bare blue-colored skin around each eye of the adults.

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Ocellated antbirds are a member of the Thamnophilidae family. They inhabit in Costa Rica, Honduras, Nicaragua, Panama, Colombia, and Ecuador.

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These spectacular antbirds are forest-dweller. They prefer living in moist lowland forests, forested foothills, and tall secondary growth wooded areas.

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There is still little information about the breeding season of this species. It's noted that female birds build open nest cups and lay two eggs inside. Interestingly, a breeding pair form the center of a group, or clan, that includes their male offspring and their mates. These groups work together to defend their territories against possible rivals.

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Regarding the diets, these birds feed mainly on arthropods, insects, and small lizards.
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