24 WTF Eyebrows That Will Make You Shout "Bloody Hell"

It's absurd that people can still get away with having ridiculous brows. When will this be over?
Everyone has seen those individuals with bizarre eyebrows. You know, the ones that are extremely thin or have strange shapes drawn on them. They certainly catch attention, but not usually in a positive way. In fact, some of them are downright odd.
But why do folks do such things to themselves? Well, it's hard for us to determine for sure.
They might simply be attempting to stand out from the throng. Or perhaps they simply enjoy wearing makeup and like to try out various styles. Whatever the motivation, it's obvious that they've raised the bar for eyebrows.

#1. Eyebrows not on fleek hun….

Sorry, but those brows look like boomerangs looking to hit a person…physically. Please, don’t tell us those are tattoed.

Source: Team Jimmy Joe

#2. #Homegrown #Natural #Wokeuplikethis #Monobrow

A unibrow? Ain’t nothing like our girl, Frida Kahlo. These are… hmmm.

Source: Krazy Wolf

#3. I wouldn’t know where to look if I came face to face with these crazy brows

Nope. Makes us run towards the hills. And paired with those eyes? Ain’t catty like we want it to be.

Source: Parentz Talk

#4. These are the definition of cartoon eyebrows

Nope. Makes us run towards the hills. And paired with those eyes? Ain’t catty like we want it to be.

Source: Lazer Horse

#5. Okay now THESE are the definition of cartoon eyebrows

Giiiiirrrl, whaddya do with them brows? Like them upside down U’s or something.

Source: Me Me

#6. They’ve been filled in with permanent marker? or crayons maybe?

They’re not even filled up nicely! It’s like one of those quick markers of penmanship when the teacher wants to hurry up the class.

Source: Hint Mag

#7. TBH they look like lil kitty ears on her forehead

But, it’s not even cute. Quite disturbing if you lean on it too closely.

Source: fools boneheads and jackasses

#8. A part of a costume.. dress up.. make-up look?

Those brows look like two plugs plugging into each other. But there ain’t no spark!

Source: Fire Rank

#9. Girrrrrrrl what is going on hereeeee

Even Moses might have divided the great eyebrows!

Source: Sandomierz24

#10. I don’t know how she’s managed this shame but I’m kind of impressed and shocked at the same time.

McEyebrows are too clean to be good and true! But waaaay over the forehead.

Source: Picbon

#11. Nope not a strong eyebrow day darling, nope, nope, nope.

Them eyebrows look like they’re hiding in shame. Tsk, tsk.

Source: Daily Mail

#12. Looks like a bent golf club or a snake, I dunno let your imagination run wild with this one..I played a quick game of Mr Squiggle to figure it out...

Is this an emo thing? Punk? Don’t know the trend of youngsters these days.

Source: Pinterest

#13. Now These are the ULTIMATE cartoon brows.

Oh, girl. NOPE. I couldn’t fathom why someone is doing this. And we even used a fancy word – FATHOM!

Source: Humor Babe News

#14. Honey what is going on. What is that?!?!?

Is that an eyebrow for ants?

Source: Makeupview

#15. Far out, I’ve got no words for these things, I wouldn’t even call them brows yall...

They’re not even symmetrical yo.

Source: Picsnaper

#16. That arch though…?

Arch too strong – can’t tell if tattoed permanently or not, otherwise..

Source: Busyradio

#17. I’m sure everyone that see’s these whispers WTF at least once

Why on earth would you cut your own eyebrows in the middle? What purpose does it serve?

Source: Foubuzz

#18. Smh….seriously?!

Girl is too high with her brows. One is too thick, and the other — is too thicker with no sense of symmetry. Please, don’t do this at home.

Source: Pinterest

#19. Bold and the beautiful was my first thought

And, it had the perfect symmetry and balance with her eyes, too! I mean, it’s not gonna be your everyday wear, that is.

Source: Ebaum's World

#20. C’mon now these crazy brows have got to stop…

I can forgive you for the brows, but the hair? Nah, girl.

Source: Home Security

#21. Eyebrows that are too wavy

It’s eccentric and perfect for a costume night out. I mean it has the tendency to be artistic. Unless used for other reasons – nah.


#22. A modern-day satyr

She looks like she had just stemmed out from a Greek Mythology story. Not a nymph though – but a satyr. Them hair accessories bode well for her bushy brows.


#23. Is this real or edited?

Those brows really looked like they were following the wavy line. It’s quite clean actually. Neat.


#24. SMART

I don’t know about you, but these are too funny not to post! S-M-A-R-T way of getting a monobrow with artistic tendencies.


#25. STAHP brows

It looks like it’s been lined by a toddler using a marker. I mean, she could have gone with her normal brows. It looks like it’s still there!


#26. Eyebrow tattoo gone bad

If this is permanent, she can go and make a fuss about it! She has the right to do so! Is this one of those eyebrow tattoos fails?


#27. Is it a mark, a surgery?

What is it?


#28. Those line brows again. Nope.

It’s like putting a ruler on your brows and making a straight line out of it. Nope.


#29. Those again

Another line brow which was hurriedly done. Like you’re just checking a test paper and you’re it.


#30. Glamour brows that raises some

We’ve seen these on fashion websites and runways – putting eyelash extensions on your brows.


#31. We can’t be mad at this.

If this is a fashion-arts galore – we’re in! Too artistic to be mad of.


#32. Too pretty!

WTF? Why can’t we have some of these instead??? Feather brows are too pretty nowadays. But, if you do show up at work or school like this, people will look at you like, deym – what dimension are you from? (heaven, *cough)


Please DO NOT go out with eyebrows like these!
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