24 Of The Most Water-Spitting Moments From The Land Of "Humans Doing Human Thing"

Hmm, humans. We are a funny bunch, always going about our lives doing things that seem strange and silly to the outside observer. From munching on snacks to sleeping in odd positions, we humans are always up to something that makes others chuckle. That's why the internet came up with the phrase "humans doing human things," which perfectly captures the zaniness and absurdity of our daily lives.
It's a reminder that no matter how serious or important we think we are, there's always room for a bit of goofiness and fun. Whether we're procrastinating on important tasks or chatting about the latest viral video, there's always a chance to inject a little humor into our mundane routines. So let's embrace our inner goofball and relish in the hilarity of being human; after all, life's too short to take ourselves too seriously. Scroll down and check them all out; enjoy!

#1. Holy scooter!

Source: Association Dioc├ęsaine Tarbes et Lourdes

#2. Great for long division.

Source: risulislamrifat

#3. When bae texts you:

Source: Unknown/Pinterest

#4. Let's go, grandpa!!!

Source: Unknown/Pinterest

#5. Hold your breath!

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#6. Embrace your inner child!

Source: shekinah kishi

#7. Wait... WHAATTT???

Source: Unknown/Pinterest

#8. Handsy handsy...

Source: Russia_NC

#9. Now that escalated quickly...

Source: Russia_NC

#10. This man is living in 2039.

Source: mironoteucueatiru

#11. Shhhh...

Source: Summersalt

#12. "Look, Mom!"

Source: by_souzax

#13. Ahh.. love.

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#14. "Sometimes you should just leave your friends at home..."

Source: Olibra

#15. Working in style:

Source: brilio

#16. "If it hasn't got three stripes, it's fake."

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#17. "The power of Christ compels you!"

Source: hopingtobetransmogrified

#18. Teehee.

Source: Big Dipper

#19. "He's going to live, let's fck with him!"

Source: roster07cock

#20. Baa-bu-skaaa.

Source: yaplakal

#21. Hmm...

Source: Unknown/Imgur

#22. Young and early fear, ACHIEVED

Source: motika

#23. Yoink!

Source: picsthatmakeyougohmm

#24. Mood:

Source: DenilsonRdz

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