24 Hysterical Pics That Will Make Anyone Laugh HARD!

A lot is going on on the Internet. Trust us, we are on a constant, 24/7 IV drip of the Internet here, and even we can only scour a slight portion of the vast ocean of random stuff on the net. Stunning sights, dank memes, random snaps—there's just so much to sort through, and sometimes it's hard to say what you're looking for while surfing. So to help you out a little, we recommend taking a gander at a "mixed bag of fun," with all sorts of cool, interesting, "wtf," and hysterical pics all in one place. Keep reading because we have prepared a variety pack that will give you a laugh or two along the way.
From funny pranks to silly animal snaps and more, this epic round-up of random snaps will have you giggling all day. So if you are sick and tired of looking at dumb baby photos and dumb cat photos and aren't afraid to get a little weird, then reader, you've come to the right place; so enjoy!

#1. “A true Canadian emergency”

Source: Unknown

#2. So...

Hysterical PicsSource: jeron_gwendolen

#3. Flow chart for the win!

Source: christodoulos307

#4. A guy got Wednesday Addams tatted on him;

Looks more like Samuel L. Jackson’s daughter.

Source: sladeshied

#5. “My daughter was walking around shouting cock and I couldn’t figure out why.”

Hysterical PicsSource: Unknown

#6. "I'm confused."

Source: BinaryShrub

#7. This ad:

Source: Unknown

#8. “…boots with the furrr”

Source: httpanic

#9. Shower, not a grower.

Source: albalfa

#10. What a steal!

Hysterical PicsSource: Unknown

#11. Would these be considered chin-ups?

Source: pause_button

#12. Keeping up with his high-fiber diet.

Hysterical PicsSource: reddit

#13. "After being with my girlfriend for almost 8 years, I finally made it into the family calendar!'

Hysterical PicsSource: gsridgway2

#14. “You will always remember this day as the day you almost caught Captain Jack Sparrow”

Source: Unknown

#15. "I hate it when job interviewers ask "what is your greatest strength," so I printed up these business cards to just hand out when asked."

Source: jDubbaYo

#16. "So apparently I need to explain to the in-laws how bagged milk works..."

Source: Zjackrum

#17. We all know the answer but I've several questions...

Source: Violet_weeb

#18. Well...

Hysterical PicsSource: Unknown

#19. Mind over the body!

Hysterical PicsSource: azeckie

#20. Einstein, is that you?

Source: Albertcore

#21. "We accidentally burnt a tortilla and it looks horrified:"

Hysterical PicsSource: ian4232

#22. The nut that defeated its nemesis:

Source: 9gag

#23. That pepper has a peeper!

Source: believablehairship

#24. "My wife thought it would be funny to throw me a vasectomy party. Here's the cake"

Source: GiftedGonzo

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