24 God-awful Cooking Fails That Made Us Shed a Tear

Some people are born with a great talent for cooking; others, well, they're glad about the invention of pre-made meals. And even those who are clearly not meant to be five-star home chefs try their hand at cooking at least once in a while. And while their attempts make them wish for pizza delivery, the funny fails surely make us laugh. Just scroll down and check out these god-awful cooking fails, and you will understand exactly what we mean.
From cooking fails to recipe disasters, we have gathered them all. Some of them are minor, some are major, and some are downright dangerous, but they all deserve spots in the food fail hall of shame. And this hilarious list will prove that cooking is not for everyone. Despite Chef Gusteau's famous quote from Ratatouille, "Anyone can cook." In reality, just because you can cook does not mean you should. And these folks below learned this the hard way. But hey, we are not criticizing anyone. Because it's fine if they don't know how to cook, as long as they stay away from kitchens for good (LOL). Without further ado, let's dive in and check out these hilariously stupid cooking fails; enjoy!

#1. "Evidently, not a wizard at baking, Harry."

Stupid Cooking FailsSource: MyLoveBox

#2. Did you put the whole bag in there?

Stupid Cooking FailsSource: pandarmour

#3. Next time, just wrap it in aluminum foil and microwave it.

Stupid Cooking FailsSource: reddit

#4. This pressure cooker nightmare:

Source: imgur

#5. This wife came home to this...

Source: madcowga

#6. "I thought it was glass"

Glass and plastic feel nothing alike. Just get out of the kitchen please.

Source: ZimmeM03

#7. "First time trying to fry buffalo wings. I think it went pretty well."

Source: MJ23157

#8. Why?

Source: imgur

#9. An attempt to make a grilled cheese...

Source: imgur

#10. Seriously?

Stupid Cooking FailsSource: Unknown

#11. Brilliant idea to put a glass jar with a lid in the microwave:

Source: Unknown

#12. "We are having hibachi tonight baby"

Stupid Cooking FailsSource: bigestaban

#13. "Slight kitchen mishap." You don't say...

Source: imgur

#14. "I cooked the sh*t out of these sweet potatoes."

Truly horrendous. 10/10

Source: ProlixProlix

#15. Just no.

Source: imgur

#16. Which one is the stupidest, facing up?

Source: Unknown

#17. Or facing down?

Source: imgur

#18. What did that cabbage ever do to you?

Stupid Cooking FailsSource: imgur

#19. There goes "slow-cooked homemade chicken stock":

Source: moby323

#20. "My sister made some french fries."

"Home fries" is more appropriate.

Source: janky_doodle

#21. "Found the spoon, honey."

Stupid Cooking FailsSource: ihavesoreballs

#22. Yeah... I'll pass.

Source: 9999monkeys

#23. "In case you ever think your roommate is dumb... let me one-up you"

Source: _aniebananie9

#24. "The way my dad cuts avocados."

Stupid Cooking FailsSource: IamAdogHi

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