24 Eeriest Things Kids Say That Will Make You Laugh—Then Call A Medium

Kids can be quite mysterious and creepy. Because they haven't developed language filters, they basically speak from the heart. In addition, nothing they say is restricted, so they simply speak whatever comes to their clever little minds. That's why many parents are afraid of what their children could say in public because they might casually hurt someone's feelings on a very deep level because of how blunt and raw their comments are. With that said the parents in the Tweets below are totally stunned after hearing what their children told them. Some of them are quite creepy and frightening, particularly when they get into depth about something unexplainable.
So here are 24 of the most disturbing, eeriest things shared by frightened parents on the internet for you to enjoy. Let's scroll down and check them out! After reading the article, feel free to share your thoughts and experiences with creepy things kids say in the comments below!

#1. You need to move ASAP

Kids Say The Creepiest ThingsSource: MelisaGillett

#2. "Hi, Aunt Peg."

Source: cre8aha

#3. “Her other mother”

Source: SassyKadiK

#4. It was all true.

Source: FormerGOP_Mom

#5. Oh hell naw!

Source: Kalitris

#6. Please tell him to go vegan.

Source: KevinMKruse

#7. Thank you?

Source: daahlingnikki

#8. Terrified.

Source: schuser

#9. Still kind of sweet I guess.

Kids Say The Creepiest ThingsSource: Lokis_thor-obing_ass

#10. Imagining a three-year-old saying every woman he sees is lookin' like a snack.

Kids Say The Creepiest ThingsSource: SubSahranCamelRider


Source: Forever_Pancakes

#12. Floating head mommy.

Kids Say The Creepiest ThingsSource: 1982wasawesome

#13. At least he said "defeat" and not "kill" or "murder"

Kids Say The Creepiest ThingsSource: Kindredbond

#14. Oh boy

Kids Say The Creepiest ThingsSource: Schreiberland

#15. Creepy

Source: treacadelic

#16. I mean... He wasn't wrong

Kids Say The Creepiest ThingsSource: mitch_r23


Source: cfs_jo

#18. I'd too.

Source: MegNumbers

#19. Hahas but not so haha.

Kids Say The Creepiest ThingsSource: WordSaladWCheez

#20. Ok, Romeo.

Source: lrspncr


Source: BreeanaFlannery

#22. Wait WHAT?

Kids Say The Creepiest ThingsSource: ThisisMyLife960

#23. This makes me wonder about all the flying dreams I’ve had

Source: willc

#24. And lastly, this child who was being visited by the ghost of her grandfather:

Source: jessglyons

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