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20 Ironing Fails That Are So Hilarious

Maybe no one on earth would like to do the ironing. It’s not for everyone, to be honest. We cannot bring our clothes to the dry-cleaner day by day or ask someone to help all the time. So we have to do it on our own. It seems like flattening the wrinkles on your shirt using iron is not that difficult. But trust me, you, in a second of carelessness, can make a total disaster with this device.

In case you are an amateur at ironing, how can you stay pain-free doing it? First and foremost, knowing some basic principles is necessary. You have to read the instructions carefully, check the materials and surfaces, and sometimes do a test patch. Moreover, remember not to put the iron face down right after use. Or you will end up getting hilariously miserable results like people in the list below.

#1. Oh… Well, I Guess I’ve Got One Less Interview Outfit Then


#2. Lesson Learned


#3. My Poor Girlfriend Wakes Up To Her Laptop With A Hot Iron On Top Of It Courtesy Of Her Brother


#4. We Do Not Sow


#5. Girlfriend Turned The New Iron On Without Checking The Bottom. She Turned It Into A Boiling Plastic Spreader


#6. A Perfect Example Of Why I Hate Ironing


#7. Well… Crap


#8. Roommate Left The Iron On


#9. Well Who Would Have Known Ties Don’t Iron


#10. After Investigating A Complaint (Smell), They Found That Guests Got High And Were Using The Hotel’s Iron To Cook Dry-Rubbed Steaks


#11. Don’t Ask Me How This Happened I Hate Myself Too


#12. There Was An Attempt To Iron My Mask


#13. Someone At Work Accidentally Set A Hot Iron On The Table And It Melted Through


#14. A Piece Of Furniture My Great Granny Used For Ironing


#15. Oops. Someone Left The Iron On For Too Long


#16. “I Ironed My Shirt On The Board. I Thought I Could Do It On My Body. I Was Fine Until I Hit The Steam”


#17. My Steam Iron Wasn’t Working Properly So I Decided To Run It With Vinegar, Thinking It Might Be Related To Calcium Deposits… Guess I Was Right


#18. Someone Put Sugar Syrup In The Iron


#19. Ironing The New UK Notes… Great Idea


#20. My Iron Fell And I Didn’t Notice


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