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Sometimes Cake Decorators Took Instructions Too Literally That Led To Hilarious Results

A custom-made cake is a good way for you to show your affection to your beloved ones on some special occasions. A meaningful wish or congratulation on it is definitely necessary. And only when you order a cake, you realize that a simple instruction can be misunderstood. Well, sometimes, some cake decorators take the instructions word by word. Your cake is supposed to be beautiful, but it ends up becoming a hilarious fail.

If you have ever been in that situation, don’t be sad because many people out there share the same feeling with you. No one wants their birthday cake to be ruined by some silly words or texts on it, yet somehow we can’t resist chuckling when we see these decorative failures, considering that we are not the ones whose birthday it is. I know it means, but take a look at funny pictures of birthday cake fails that we have rounded up below. They will certainly give you a big laugh.

#1. As Small As Possible


#2. Too Literally


#3. Literally Celebrate In The Middle


#4. My Mom Ordered A Graduation Cake With A Cap Drawn On. I Guess They Misheard


#5. Just Following Instructions


#6. Here You Are

Anony M

#7. Happy 30th! No Decoration For You


#8. Happy Birthday Randy!


#9. Okay, As You Wish


#10. Comma, LOL


#11. In Caps


#12. Coach Tom’s Big Purple Balls


#13. A Friend Of Mine Ordered A Picture Cake And Gave The Woman A Thumb Drive With The Picture She Wanted To Use


#14. Happy Birthday In Spanish


#15. My Friend In China Ordered A Cake For His Son. He Texted The Bakery The Message To Appear On The Cake – “Happy 9th Birthday.” This Is What He Received


#16. I Think They Took It Too Literally


#17. Just Write Happy Birthday


#18.  Was Asked What I Want Written On My Cake. I Said “Nothing”


#19. Instruction Unclear, Followed Them Anyway


#20. They Are Not Even In Purple


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