People Experience Terrible Food Scams And Can't Resist Sharing

We all definitely have at least one time getting food that is nothing like what we ordered or expected. We call it a food scam, and it happens everywhere in the world, with any type of food. Some food factories, stores, and restaurants only care about their interest, so they serve the customers low-quality products, and of course, not cheap as they should be. It is such a painfully bad experience.
Sometimes we are just tired of all that fake food sold every day. It seems like we can hardly do something to stop that cruel. But we can share it with the world, and it turns out there is one community on Reddit that is dedicated solely for that particular purpose. The members here are sharing pictures of bad food scams or deceptive packaging they got. Take time to see some of the worst ones we have collected in the list below.
More info: r/foodscam

#1. Scam Level 100

Terrible Food ScamsSempaii_rj

#2. I Was Told My 2020reo Ice Cream Belonged Here

Terrible Food ScamsKrystaphonix

#3. Hello? Canolli Police? I'd Like To Report A Crime

Terrible Food ScamsBigBucks5001

#4. The Burrito Looked Huge When Covered

Terrible Food Scamshanric1234

#5. I Am Tired Of All The Lies


#6. This "Box" Of Beef Jerky


#7. When They Said "Chocolate Chip Muffin", I Didn't Take Them Literally... But Should Have


#8. It Says Delicate Roses On The Packaging, I Don't Think So


#9. Cinnamon And Singular Raisin Bagel


#10. Tempting On The Packaging


#11. Life Is Like A Box Of Chocolates: A Big Fat Lie

Terrible Food ScamsRalphiesBoogers

#12. Ah Come On

Terrible Food Scamsboboddy111

#13. Just Why?


#14. This Half Styrofoam Cake


#15. The Amount Of Barbecue Sauce On My Rodeo Cheeseburger From Burger King

Terrible Food Scamslurchlookingmf

#16. Less Than Jumbo Shrimp

Terrible Food ScamsRalphiesBoogers

#17. Air Sandwich

Terrible Food Scamsrangersmetsjets

#18. Thanks For The 2 Sprinkles, Dunkin

Terrible Food ScamsNewmanBiggio

#19. Watch Out For That Tidal Wave Of Chocolate

Terrible Food ScamsZerostar39

#20. Hot Dog Deception

Terrible Food ScamsRalphiesBoogers

#21. Each Hole Only Contains Two Oreos

Terrible Food Scamsyourpaltay

#22. This Popcorn Packaging

Terrible Food ScamsMissGymlow

#23. Tim Horton’s “Breakfast Wrap”

Terrible Food ScamsScared_of_moths

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