10+ Funny Memes That Every Aquarian Can Relate

Every aquarian is a rebel at heart. This is what people often comment on Aquarians. Free-spirited and eccentric inside, Aquarians can always amaze people around them. They don't express much but their personalities and inner charm enable them to shine. I have some Aquarius friends who are very sensitive and smart. If you think they are modest, these Aquarians can "wow" you with their clever showing-off sometimes.
To make you get to know more about Aquarians, we've summed up 16 funny but true memes about them. From causing silly troubles to encountering a guy they crush by chance, these memes won't stop you from laughing out loud. Guys, don't let Aquarius girls cheat on you with their coldness outside! They have sweet, cozy, and pretty eccentric hearts.

#1 Lol!!

Funny memes AquarianImage Credits: Instagram.com/timelessaquarius2.0

#2 What a creative mind!

Funny memes AquarianImage Credits: Instagram.com/aquarian.things


Funny memes AquarianImage Credits: Instagram.com/aquariuskingdomx

#4 A kind of multiple personality disorder (MPD)

Image Credits: Instagram.com/aquariuskingdomx

#5 When an Aquarius girl meets her crush!

Image Credits: Instagram.com/all.aquarius.facts

#6 Can any Aquarius relate?

Image Credits: Instagram.com/aquariuszodiacworld

#7 There is a fragile kitten inside a lion...

Image Credits: Instagram.com/scorpgasm

#8 My attitude says it all!

Image Credits: Instagram.com/aquariuskingdomx

#9 Such a real Aquarian!

Image Credits: Instagram.com/aquariuskingdomx


Image Credits: Instagram.com/luckycatemporium

#11 Feel most comfortable when at home, alone.

Funny memes AquarianImage Credits: Instagram.com/aquariuszodiacworld

#12 That face!!!

Funny memes AquarianImage Credits: Instagram.com/aquarius.feels

#13 Aquarius in a nutshell!

Funny memes AquarianImage Credits: Instagram.com/aquariuskingdomx


Funny memes AquarianImage Credits: Instagram.com/aquariuspplworld


Funny memes AquarianImage Credits: Instagram.com/aquarius_____1

#16 Sometimes, even Aquarians don't know who they are

Funny memes AquarianImage Credits: Instagram.com/aquarius.facts_

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