'That's It, I'm Home Shaming' Group Is Sharing Weird Home Designs People Spotted Out There

Your house is your own place, and of course, you can add anything to it, choose any designs you wish, and decorate in the ways you like. You want to have a unique house that does not exist anywhere else in the world. That is understandable. Just remember that it’s hard to have an impressively beautiful house, but it’s easy to have a disastrous failure that somehow will be shamed online.
There is a Facebook group called That’s it, I’m home shaming dedicated to the weirdest home designs that people come across here and there. It’s not that all the designs shared there are so horrible or something like that. They are just odd, and some are pretty crazy. People who make their strange ideas a reality apparently just follow whatever comes to their minds, not caring about aesthetics.
We have collected some ridiculous designs in the list below. Let's take a look.

#1. What The What!!!

Susanna Emanuel

#2. Creative?

 Weirdest Home DesignsLesley Black

#3. It Burns My Eyes

 Weirdest Home DesignsHeather Lynn

#4. Rawr!

Paula Saint Ours

#5. Hmmm

Nisey Soukup

#6. Renovations To A 500 Year Old Castle

Nicole Taylor

#7. A Tiny Stairway To Nowhere

Ron Groom

#8. Completely Reasonable

Shauna Leigh Daly

#9. The New Fan

Tim Othy

#10. It’s A Bath, It’s A Bar, It Would Be A Health Violation Outside The Home

Jonny D Welch

#11. My OCD Is Crying

 Weirdest Home DesignsKatie Crum

#12. Only In Montana

 Weirdest Home DesignsMichael Storace

#13. Third-Gen Share But I Think This Is Where This Post Belongs. Bonus Points For The Flip-Up Floor To Access The Toilet, But Puh-Lease Don’t Leave It Up In The Middle Of The Night

 Weirdest Home DesignsHelene Goldson

#14. Just Why?

 Weirdest Home DesignsAlicia Collins Spaid

#15. Balcony

 Weirdest Home DesignsOsore Osore

#16. I Think Somebody Had An Affair With The Tile Guy And Needed An Excuse To Keep Him Coming Around

 Weirdest Home DesignsRyanne Blank

#17. Jairs

 Weirdest Home DesignsHillary Kervin Porter

#18. So What Style Would You Like?

Bob Harbison

#19. This Was One In My Local ”Dream House Finally Came True” Group. She Hopes That She Inspires People Through Her Home Pictures

 Weirdest Home DesignsGuinevere Tampi

#20. Neighbor Redecorated The Guest Room, She Was Going For The 70’s Look

 Weirdest Home DesignsPatty-McCoy Roach

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