20 Times People Tried To Bake Cake But Ended Up Getting Hilarious Results

People tend to come to buy cakes at the bakeries, especially fancy ones for significant events. It’s the fastest and most convenient way. One day, however, you have so much spare time, and you need something to kill the boredom. Then, you decide to try your hand at baking cake.
Firstly, you think it will be fine to follow the recipes you find on the internet (or maybe your own). But things do not always go according to the way you expected. Baking cakes is not easy, ever. You need to have skills. And even though some people who are not baking masters know that, they still decide to bake cakes at home. Needless to say, they end up getting hilarious results.
We have collected some funny photos of cake baking fails below. Let's give them a look.

#1. I’m not much of a baker. I can cook alright, but baking...not so much. So, today I tried my hand at some lighthouse cookies, since I’m from Florida.

Hilarious Results While Bakingtizzywoman

#2. Just don’t ask...

Hilarious Results While Bakingnorth_london_allotment

#3. So...this looked to be baking perfectly and happily in the oven...this was the surprise on the other side.

Hilarious Results While Bakingmoominesthers_kitchen

#4. “Ummm....are the cinnamon buns supposed to try and escape from the pan? Asking for a friend"


#5. Help my cookies are not social distancing.


#6. Sorry I haven’t posted in a while; I’ve been baking.


#7. In my attempt at making pizza, I discovered my yeast had expired in 2010. And the supermarkets had ran out of yeast. Then I read about making yeast from dried fruit. I used dried longan and here is an interesting outcome.


#8. Perhaps baking isn’t for me.....


#9. My wife has started baking. And now we know why she doesn’t normally bake cakes.

Hilarious Results While BakingNYCFirm

#10. I made banana bread. I followed the recipe exactly ish, but it failed...

Hilarious Results While BakingxRileyAlexander

#11. Nailed it.

Hilarious Results While BakingNicHilton1

#12. Tried out my 30 year old bread making machine today. Didn’t go well.

Hilarious Results While BakingCecilyTynan

#13. I can't bake.

Hilarious Results While BakingGirlNamedMarley

#14. Expectation vs reality.

Hilarious Results While Bakingheidi_montana

#15. My make-shift attempt at making a bunny failed me, but I think I baked a fat cat instead?


#16. HELP I tried to make pretzels and they went MUTANT.

Hilarious Results While Bakinghannahcrw1990

#17. Tried putting cilantro in my cookie today while baking.

Hilarious Results While Bakingtaehatypes

#18. Sadly my challahday easter bunny didn't quite work out. Seems to have come down with some hip dysplasia, ear disconnection, and a touch of elephantiasis in the oven...


#19. Expectation Vs Reality.

Hilarious Results While Bakingturinqui

#20. 1. He’s baaaaaa-ck! 3. Oh no!! 4. Sleepy sheepy.

Hilarious Results While Bakingnikki.cooper8

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